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Part think tank, part international learning center, and all business, LIMRA offers unique rewards to the people who work for it. Because our member companies value our knowledge and contributions so highly, we strive to deliver the best, and look for people who thrive on the strong sense of purpose that comes with serving our members around the world.

We celebrate and reward excellence, and support everyone's efforts to learn and grow. We encourage those who innovate and take on new challenges. We are a team with many players and talents, and we are individuals with different goals and needs. We give our best efforts to the team and address individual needs through flexibility and cooperation. We treat one another with respect and act with integrity in all we do.

We care about one another, the organization we represent, and the industry we serve. We enjoy our work and those we share it with.

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Over 850 financial services companies in more than 64 countries around the world turn to LIMRA first to help them build their business and improve their performance. These members rely on our nearly century-long industry experience of delivering Research and Learning and Development programs to:

  • Gain insights or act as a catalyst for new ideas
  • Benchmark their competition
  • Create new products, enter new markets
  • Add new distribution channels
  • Leverage retirement research across all sectors and provide in-depth industry analysis to grow their retirement business
  • Assess, train, and increase existing distribution productivity
  • Meet the challenges of increasing regulation
  • Identify and develop the next generation of leaders
  • Connect with industry leaders and peers through study groups, committees and conferences

And much more.

In a rapidly changing marketplace, companies call LIMRA first for our combination of industry insight, practical solutions, and unwavering commitment to their success.

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