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Executive Profiles

  • Robert A. Kerzner, CLU, ChFC

    LIMRA, LOMA and LL Global, Inc.

    作爲LIMRA, LOMA和其母公司LL Global 的總裁和首席執行長,Bob Kerzner先生領導著世界最大的壽險和金融服務業的協會機構。該機構擁有會員公司1200多家,分佈在70多個國家和地區。Kerzner 先生領導了LIMRA與LOMA兩家協會合併的全過程。兩家機構於2008年1月1日正式合併。

    Kerzner 於 2004 年 10 月起擔任 LIMRA 的領導職位。在此之前,他自 1974 年起一直在美國哈特福德金融服務公司的外勤銷售和管理工作了 20 年。其後調任爲該公司總部副總裁和個人人壽保險銷售主管。之後升任爲高級副總裁,隨後又擔任執行副總裁和個人人壽部門的主管。在他的領導下,該人壽部門創造了猛進的收益和銷售成長。

    Kerzner 畢業於中康乃迪克州立大學。

  • James W. Kerley, LLIF

    LIMRA Services, Inc.

    Jim Kerley 自 2007 年 7 月 1 日起出任 LIMRA Services, Inc. 的總裁職位,負責 LIMRA 的銷售和産品領域。Jim 在金融服務業擁有超過 38 年的專業經驗,擔任過經理人、領導者、諮詢師和顧問工作。他有近 25 年的時間在 New England Financial負責高級行銷和銷售管理工作,並與銀行業建立了新英格蘭地區首例的人壽保險行銷關係。Jim 曾是 Trinity Communications 的創始合夥人。在他任職期間,Trinity Communications 成長爲新英格蘭地區第七大的行銷傳訊公司。

  • Alison Salka, Ph.D.

    Senior Vice President and Director of Research

    Salka is responsible for determining and implementing the strategy and direction of LIMRA's global research program.  She oversees a team of more than 80 researchers and other staff professionals working in LIMRA's research division who conduct consumer research, benchmark studies, and white papers focused on helping member companies better understand industry issues and trends. She is also a director of the LIMRA LOMA Secure Retirement Institute.

    Prior to joining LIMRA in 2012, Salka led the retirement research and competitive intelligence team at Prudential. She was also Director of retirement research and business analytics at MassMutual. She is a graduate of Gettysburg College and received an MA from the College of William and Mary and a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University.

  • Larry Hartshorn

    Corporate Vice President and Director, International Research
    Larry Hartshorn is responsible for the development and execution of LIMRA’s international research strategy. Under his guidance, the international research unit will conduct a wide variety of research to provide insights and trends in distribution, consumer behavior and sentiment, products, retirement, and technology for markets throughout the world. Prior to joining LIMRA in 2015, Larry was Aetna’s executive director for Greater China in Shanghai. His responsibilities included strategic planning, research, management operation and consulting. Larry also previously served as research program manager for The Ohio State University, managing a multi-million dollar cluster of private, state, and federal grants targeting primary, secondary, and higher education curriculum reform.
  • Lucian T. Lombardi, ASA



    Lombardi 負責 LIMRA 的分銷和策略研究計劃。分銷研究計劃追蹤銷售保險和金融服務的各種渠道的趨勢。策略研究計劃提供對影響產業的新興問題之深入探討。他於 1977 年加入 LIMRA,擔任助理研究員,最近被任命為副總裁和主管。Lombardi 經常就行銷問題、銷售職酬設計以及產品開發撰寫文章以及發表演說。他是 American Marketing Association (美國行銷協會) 和 Society of Actuaries (北美精算學會) 的成員。

    Lombardi 以優異的數學成績取得了三一學院 (康乃迪克州,哈特福特) 的碩士學位。

  • Sean F. O'Donnell

    Vice President, Member Relations & Consulting

    O’Donnell is responsible for developing and implementing LIMRA’s member-engagement strategy in the U.S. and Canada.  He leads a team of professionals dedicated to helping member-company executives and their teams fully leverage the research, member benefits, and commercial solutions available through the LIMRA division of LL Global.   In addition, he is responsible for leading LIMRA ‘s consulting business, working to help companies apply LIMRA’s research and industry expertise to develop strategies for growth.

    Sean brings more than 25 years of marketing, sales, research, and organizational and consumer-behavior experience to his current role.  Over the course of his career at LIMRA, O’Donnell has worked with companies in all sectors of the insurance and financial services industry on a variety marketing, distribution, and product-related initiatives.  In addition, he has extensive experience helping clients with sales channel growth programs – recruiting, selection, on-boarding, productivity, retention, and field leadership development.  Prior to joining the LIMRA organization, he was a supervising project director and analyst for the PERT Group, a global research-based consultancy, working on product development and brand equity research for organizations such as Gillette, Clorox, S.C. Johnson, and Nestle.

    O’Donnell received both his Bachelors and his M.B.A., with concentrations in finance and marketing, from the University of Hartford.

  • Kathryn N. Reid

    Vice President, Assessment & Development Solutions

    As head of LIMRA’s Assessment & Development business, Reid leads a professional team of training and development experts to deliver global solutions to help member companies recruit, select, assess and onboard new talent. She is also is responsible for advising domestic and international project teams, developing selection products, and consulting members on recruiting and selection process.

    Reid joined LIMRA in 1989 as a research analyst, rising through the ranks to assume her current role in 2008. An experienced facilitator, she works with companies to evaluate selection process effectiveness and to develop new approaches in recruiting and selection. Reid also has trained thousands of field leaders on how to best recruit, select, and retain top talent — as well as numerous field agents on how to hire sub-producers and office staff, and how to develop their own sales skills.

    She earned a B.S. in economics from the University of Connecticut and an M.S. in organizational behavior from the University of Hartford.

  • Todd A. Silverhart, 博士



    Silverhart 負責發展和主導 LIMRA 的技術研究計劃,著重在銷售和分銷金融服務產品技術的應用。Silverhart 於 1988 年加入 LIMRA,之前他在 LIMRA Assessment Solutions Group (評估解決方案小組) 工作,他在該小組從事各類業務員和外勤主管的甄選研究、諮詢和產品開發。他於 2001 年獲任目前的職位。

    Silverhart 以優異的心理學成績自密德貝利學院畢業,並取得了老道明大學的工業/組織心理學博士學位。他是 American Psychological Association (美國心理學協會)、American Psychological Society (美國心理學學會) 以及 Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (產業和組織心理學學會) 的成員。

  • Elaine F. Tumicki, CLU、ChFC、LLIF



    Tumicki 管理 LIMRA 的產品研究團隊,負責關於個人和團體人壽、健康、失能和長期照護產品方面的研究。該產品研究團隊負責進行關於銷售、續保率和產品設計的持續調查,並為滿足 LIMRA 不同顧客的需求而進行的行銷研究和公司實例研究。

    Tumicki 還為 LIMRA 的職員、成員公司和媒體提供產業績效評估。她是 LIMRA 的 Individual Life Insurance Study Group (個人人壽保險研究小組) 和 DI/LTC Committee (DI/LTC 委員會) 的職員代表,並負責其他各種委員會和研究小組間的聯繫。Tumicki 於 1980 年加入 LIMRA,自 2003 年起擔任目前的職位。她畢業於康乃迪克大學。

  • Ian J. Watts

    Senior Vice President and Managing Director,
    International Operations
    LIMRA, LOMA and LL Global, Inc.
    Ian Watts joined LIMRA and LOMA in 2013 as senior vice president International Operations. In this role, Watts leads the association operations that help members companies in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East achieve their business objectives.

    Prior to joining LIMRA and LOMA, Watts was Global COO at ACE Life International, where he was responsible for day-to-day operations and new business development. He has held CEO positions in India and China for AIG and AIA, and had extensive global experience in the UK, EMEA and Latin America.

    Watts was educated at Loughborough University College, earning a Business Education Council Diploma.
  • Judy Zaiken, CLU, ChFC

    Corporate Vice President and Research Director 
    LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute
    Judy Zaiken, CLU, ChFC, is responsible for the development and execution of the LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute research agenda, which covers both institutional and retail businesses.  Recent research has included insights and trends in participant saving, sales benchmark studies, plan sponsor and advisor surveys, market segment studies, and strategic white papers designed to increase understanding on key issues and trends in the retirement market. Prior to joining LIMRA in 2014, she was responsible for annuity product strategy and business development for MassMutual Financial Group.  She also was head of market research for MassMutual’s Retirement Income division and directed the life company marketing organization’s customer research, lead generation and market analytics team.  A career insurance professional, Judy specializes in applying keen market and consumer understanding to the design, packaging and distribution strategies of insurance-based savings and income products. In addition to her CLU and ChFC designations, Judy has been certified as an RMA (Retirement Management Analyst) by RIIA (Retirement Income Industry Association) and an RFG (Registered Financial Gerontologist) by AIFG (The American Institute of Financial Gerontology). She holds an MBA from Western New England University and a BA in Economics from Framingham State University.