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Financial Strategies Course

2.5 days

By exploring the operations of a life office, this programme provides delegates with a better understanding of the financial drivers in the life industry and the direct impact of their role on organizational performance. As part of the examination into the impact of their role, delegates will learn how to enhance their collaboration skills to effectively interact with colleagues across disciplines, specifically: finance, marketing, and sales.

This programme integrates formal presentations, workshops, and simulations and participants work together in small groups. The content includes:

  • How marketing and financial disciplines interact
  • Pricing analysis and profitability
  • Understanding financial statements in the life office
  • Asset management
  • Risk and risk management
  • The ATLAS Life Office Game

What is The Life Office Game (ATLAS)?

ATLAS is a computerized simulation of a life office and provides a vehicle for teams of delegates to make decisions and observe the effects of those decisions in a competitive environment. To learn more about the game and for comprehensive information regarding The Financial Strategies programme, download a copy of the brochure.