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Recognizing Financial Exploitation

Help Your Representatives Spot Vulnerable Consumers

Recognizing Financial Exploitation, an online, scenario-based education program provides an overview of financial exploitation; including the current regulatory environment, red flags, and steps financial representatives can take to help protect seniors and other vulnerable clients.

“We areRFE Endorsement honored that the LIMRA LOMA Secure Retirement Institute Board has endorsed our program,” said Robert Wilhelm. “This is an important issue of growing concern for the industry and our country. We hope this program lessens the occurrence of the financial exploitation while helping our members comply with today’s regulations.”

Developed in conjunction with an industry work group, LIMRA’s new Recognizing Financial Exploitation™ is a fast and easy way to help financial professionals comply with emerging legislation and regulations.

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What Your Firm Needs to Know About Financial Exploitation of Seniors
Learn why this is a growing issue, common types of exploitation, the evolving regulatory
environment, and steps being taken by firms to protect senior clients
Wednesday, December 20 

Recognizing Financial Exploitation of Seniors has become more important than ever before, as $3billion in annual losses to exploitation demonstrate. In the past two years financial services firms have invested substantial resources to prepare themselves for a new era in which advisors are expected to put their clients’ best interest first. They have to conform to high standards of both ethical and prudent behavior, while serving clients whose age and circumstances may put them, the adviser, and they firm he or she represents, at substantial risk.

Tune-in to our webinar to hear Paul Henry discuss this important issue and to learn more about the training program we have created with industry guidance, and its potential application within your organization. Join us for an informative webinar.

For those subject to FINRA regulations, it is especially important with the rule taking effect on February 5, 2018.

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    Available in English in the United States.

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