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Trustworthy Selling® Quick Start

Deliver the power of proven success to new agent on-boarding & training

Designed specifically to build an environment of selling success for new financial professionals, Trustworthy Selling® Quick Start delivers both the art and science of sales effectiveness.

Trustworthy Selling® Quick Start delivers the same proven market perspective, sales language and tactics as our classic program and is uniquely aligned with the needs of new agent and advisor training. It's easily integrated into your own on-boarding calendar and curriculum. Trustworthy Selling Quick Start provides a core learning curriculum, tips, techniques and selling skills used by top producing professionals and has the structure that field managers need to provide effective coaching and reinforcement.

New Agents/Advisors

  • Launch new agents and advisors with industry specific, field-tested, core selling skills
  • Instructing new recruits on how to sell to today's consumer mindset gives them more immediate success and continued confidence
  • Introducing contemporary, action oriented coaching strategies designed to accelerate new agent selling success

  • Engaging in a collaborative discovery with agents/advisors helps to build trust and reduce tension
  • It's a better buying experience and contributes to more positive associations with financial services professionals
  • Develop longer lasting relationships built on trust
Your Organization

  • Improves retention
  • Integrates with your current training program
  • Cost effective way to ensure dramatic behavior change

By combining consumer and industry research with field-tested sales skills and buyer psychology the core of Trustworthy Selling is designed to maximize sales effectiveness. This in-depth understanding of buyer psychology helps align the producer's mindset with those of consumers, providing the foundation for building trust and ensuring long-lasting relationships. When new recruits incorporate good habits of trustworthy selling skills right from the start, their early career success translates into more productive, loyal and motivated sales professionals for your organization!


Early career success for new recruits means
better retention for your company.

For more information please call 860-298-3948 or to learn more
about the core principles behind Trustworthy Selling please visit the demo at:

LIMRA developed Trustworthy Selling in partnership with the Hoopis Performance Network.



Currently available in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Please contact us if it is not already available in your country.

Trustworthy Selling is a registered trademark of LL Global Services, Inc., and Hoopis Performance Network.

    Trustworthy Selling

    Trustworthy Selling

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