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Global Management Academy

Delivering the Right Skills at the Right Time to Drive Results

Designed specifically for the life insurance industry, the Global Management Academy gives people the skills they need to succeed. The Academy features programs to meet the specific, varied, and progressively complex needs of the many people who execute sales and leadership management tasks at your company.

The programs for each level of agency management and corporate distribution leadership include required courses addressing core responsibilities, plus elective courses to build special capabilities for the region or market. This stepped approach to training:

  • Provides participants with insurance industry best practices at the earliest appropriate point in their careers.
  • Ensures that skill development progresses naturally from basic to advanced.
  • Optimizes performance with skills aligned to today's marketplace realities.
  • Delivers measurable results and a positive ROI by using the latest advances in training, including e-learning.

Please use the following links to learn about the programs and designations that will help your organization achieve its distribution objectives, including recruiting and keeping more agents, increasing sales, and improving client retention.

 Management Level



 Certificate or Designation


Recruiting and onboarding new agents

Fast Track to Management

Fast Track to Management certificate


Quality agent recruiting, selecting, training, and retention

Fast Track to Management

+ Pacesetter

AIAM: Associate Insurance Agency Manager


Agent and agency management

+ Pacesetter


+ Agency Enhancement Series

+ Profitable Management Workshop or Regional Officers School

CIAM: Chartered Insurance Agency Manager


Advisor and agency management



+ Agency Enhancement Series

+ Managing Financial Advisors

CMFA: Certified Manager of Financial Advisors


Distribution Leadership

Advanced Industry Studies & Networking Program

Executive Development

LLIF: LIMRA Leadership Institute Fellow

Must See Video

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Learn more about Pacesetter


Gen Y Seminar Series: Recruitment Seminar Testimonials

Recruitment Seminar Testimonials