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You and your team play a vital role in the success, growth, and profitability of your company. You can drive sales and service higher with LIMRA’s development programs that boost:

Recruiting Effectiveness

For Sales Managers and Recruiters

Sales Effectiveness

For Sales Professionals

Service Effectiveness

For Contact Center Professionals

Leadership Effectiveness

Developing Exceptional Leaders

LIMRA’s development programs are specifically designed to enhance productivity and retention of customer-facing representatives in the insurance and financial services industry, including agents, advisors, wholesalers, and contact center reps.

Turning Insights Into Action

You can rely on LIMRA to deliver industry-focused training like no other firm. We bring our rich body of research to life, building on our collective knowledge of today’s consumers, markets, and what it takes for customer-facing representatives to succeed in the insurance and financial services industry. We translate these insights into concrete practices that participants can put to immediate use.

Providing The Context For Change

We facilitate the mindset shift change essential to getting to the next level, as either a representative or recruiter. We connect the dots between what today’s consumer expect and what each participant can do to increase productivity and effectiveness. We know what today’s candidates are looking for in a career and how the opportunity in our industry can fulfill them.

We speak your language and know what it takes to get immediate and ongoing results.

About Our Programs