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Distribution Effectiveness

Continually assessing and improving distribution tactics is a key challenge for financial services companies. LIMRA provides distinctive solutions that address such areas as compensation design and benchmarking. Our approach enables you to test various scenarios and identify the appropriate mix of changes to achieve desired results from your producers.

LIMRA's consulting capabilities expedite the process, help you avoid mistakes, provide unique guidance, and supply you with information regarding best industry practices and proven implementation strategies. We’ll help you build a compensation package that provides the incentives to accomplish what you want to achieve.

Agency Distribution

Effectively measure and define your business environment in order to design, model, and test compensation plans that are understandable, fair, and equitable.


Recent regulatory developments have made bancassurance operations more challenging than ever. Members turn to LIMRA for expert guidance on how to improve their business performance.

Direct Marketing and 

LIMRA has significant resource strength in the areas of Direct and Telemarketing, and experience in both reviewing and improving existing direct operations and channels, as well as building new ones. This experience applies across major markets of Asia and around the globe.

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