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Why People Do Not Buy Insurance

28 March 2019

Webinar time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CET


RonaldRonald Klein Klein
Global Ageing

Ronnie Klein is the Director of The Geneva Association’s Global Ageing programme. His responsibilities include developing and publishing papers and articles on global ageing, leading the GA’s Global Ageing and Life Executive Round Table Conferences, managing the industry working group on global ageing and representing The Geneva Association at conferences and meetings. In addition, he is the Secretariat for the Global Reinsurance Forum (GRF), an association of the top 13 reinsurance company CEOs. Ronnie’s research approach aims to provide workable solutions to mitigating global risks related to ageing.


This session will delve into the behavioral buying habits of individuals with an emphasis on why term insurance and retirement payout annuities have remained relatively flat in most mature insurance markets. The basis for statistics is a recent Geneva Association survey of 7,000 people across 7 mature insurance markets. Attendees will gain a unique view of what the insurance industry might need to do to increase sales.


Fatiha AAMER
LIMRA Europe, Middle East & Africa