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Operational Review

Through a series of structured interviews, home office and field reviews, the Operational Review will help your organization meet its goals. Our expert consultants will review your company’s corporate strategy as well as its distribution and operational effectiveness, to increase profitability and gain market share. Because our consultants have all been practitioners, their emphasis is on the practical, not the theoretical.

What You Receive

  • A detailed fact find and situational assessment that includes distribution strengths and weaknesses, methodologies, sales practices, customer service, back office support, training, and compliance
  • A confidential status report that highlights the alignment of your business practices with company vision and strategy
  • A blueprint of recommendations and actions to achieve total alignment with your company’s stated vision and strategy

About the Service

  • LIMRA members, who are entitled to a discounted fee, may request one Operational Review per year
  • The process takes five days (with minimal disruption)

      Further Options

      A pilot to verify the blueprint which includes

      • Actual on-site demonstration
      • Training for the trainer
      • Executive development

      Support for the companywide rollout as required.

      For more information,