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The Essentials Range

This suite of training and development courses provides global best practices, insider information, and strategies to deal with a crisis environment. Framed within the context of the financial services industry, these courses offer industry-specific content and focus solely on critical objectives to help you succeed. The Agency Essentials

This flexible range of programs can be customized to meet the specific needs and budgets of your organization. Companies may choose from a selection of modules (The Market Development Programs) and may also decide on the level of detail in which the subjects are covered.

The Market Development Programs (MDPs) include:

  • The Bancassurance Workshop: 2 days
  • The Bancassurance Seminar: 1 day
  • The Training Directors Seminar: 1 day
  • The Trainer Effectiveness Program: 2 days
  • The European Unit Managers Workshop: 2 days
  • The Activity Management Program: 1 day
  • The New Consumer: 1 day
  • 50 + Market: 1 day
  • Retirement Income Market: 1 day

The Executive Essentials

Focused specifically to meet the changes needs of leadership in the turbulent business environment of today, the executive essentials offer courses and strategic coaching to enhance strategic and finance-based decision-making, risk management, and enterprise-wide collaboration.

Programs include:

  • European Financial Strategies
  • 825 International Masterclass
  • Executive Mentorship Program (EMP)