2021 Life Insurance Conference Agenda

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Monday, April 12, 2021

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm - PLATFORM TUTORIAL

Learn how to maximize your experience and engage in networking through the conference platform. Bring your questions for our experts!

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm - SOLUTIONS SHOWCASE

Insurance carriers are under constant pressure to find effective solutions to their business challenges. Come be a part of this interactive session and learn more about the focus, solutions and services from some leading providers. Don’t miss this opportunity for learning and exploring some options that could make a difference in your business and career.

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm: CONCURRENT SESSIONS

1.1 All-Digital, Instant Everything Life Insurance ― Are We Really There Yet?

Brittney Burgett, Head of Communications, Bestow
Jacquline Morales, ACS, Chief Insurance Officer, Bestow
Jim Huffman, FLMI, ACS, Second Vice President, LIMRA LOMA, Moderator

Let a seasoned insurance veteran turned InsurTech leader update you on how 100% digital life insurance is nearly commonplace in the industry. Or is it? This session will provide an overview of how the life insurance industry is evolving to meet the needs of the modern consumer, which includes using AI-powered technology to enrich and automate how life insurance is underwritten and administered, accelerating policy issuance from weeks to as little as five minutes. Learn how large insurers can harness that InsurTech magic for themselves to engage advisors, reach new audiences, and increase revenue.

1.2 Providing Stability in a Tumultuous Time ― The 2021 Insurance Barometer
Maggie Leyes, Chief Creative Officer, Life Happens
Stephen Wood, Senior Analyst, LIMRA

The 11th annual Insurance Barometer survey examines the current state of the consumer mindset regarding the most important and relevant topics in the life insurance industry. This session provides the first look at the 2021 results, focusing on consumer behaviors and attitudes. We look at insights and trends and explore each by different demographic groups, which can help your company tailor its communications, improve target marketing, and aide in decisions surrounding product and distribution development. Finally, it reviews how Life Happens uses this information to build consumer awareness programs and online tools.

1.3 Interactive Discussion: Actuarial and Product Development
Anthony Ferraro, FSA, MAAA, Vice President and Actuary, Munich Re, Facilitator
Maureen Shaughnessy, FSA, MAAA, Research Actuary, LIMRA, Facilitator

Participate in a small group roundtable discussion with industry experts and your peers.

3:30 pm - 3:45 pm - BREAK

3:45 pm - 4:45 pm: CONCURRENT SESSIONS

2.1 Life Product Update
Donna Megregian, FSA, MAAA; Vice President and Actuary, U.S. Mortality Markets, RGA
Timothy C. Pfeifer, FSA, MAAA, President, Pfeifer Advisory LLC

Life insurance products continually evolve to respond to consumer expectations, regulatory changes, advancing distribution technology and consumer demands, shifting demographics, and a changing economy. Join us for an interactive discussion of life insurance products in today’s market and how industry is responding to these dynamic times.

2.2 The Big Picture: Regulatory and Legislative Landscape in 2021
Kimberly Ross, Senior Vice President Federal Relations, ACLI
Jim Szostek, Vice President and Deputy, Retirement Security, ACLI
Leah Walters, Senior Vice President, State Relations, ACLI
Howard Bard, Vice President, Taxes and Retirement Security, ACLI, Moderator

The legislative landscape has shifted in the wake of the 2020 election. While state legislatures on the whole did not flip control, the federal government is unified in Democratic control. With new federal agency heads, regulatory action is gearing up in areas that have the potential to significantly impact the life insurance industry. All 50 states and territories have session in 2021 with state budgets and redistricting dominating legislative agendas. Join ACLI experts who will highlight what to expect in states, the halls of Congress, and within the federal regulatory agencies in 2021.

2.3 Predictive Models in Life Insurance Underwriting
Nelson Cabral, Head of Strategic Projects, MassMutual
Robert Huntsman, CFA, FRM, Vice President, Data Science Office, Prudential
Jeffrey Holton, FALU, FLMI, ACS, ARA, Corporate Vice President, New York Life, Moderator

In this day and age of abundant information, the purpose of this session is to consider if and how predictive models may be used in life insurance underwriting. Additionally, should predictive models be an input to a rules engine? What about algorithmic underwriting? Our panel will attempt to address everything you want to know but are afraid to ask regarding the current state and potential for predictive models in life insurance underwriting.

2.4 Interactive Discussion: Technology
Patrick Leary, LLIF, Corporate Vice President, Workplace Benefits Research, LIMRA, Facilitator
Jim Huffman, FLMI, ACS, Second Vice President, LIMRA LOMA, Facilitator

Participate in a small group roundtable discussion with industry experts and your peers.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

10:00 am - 11:00 am - EXHIBIT HALL OPEN

11:00 am - 11:10 am - WELCOME & OPENING REMARKS

R. Dale Hall, FSA, MAAA, CFA, CERA, Presiding Moderator
Managing Director of Research
Society of Actuaries

Welcome to the 2021 Life Insurance Conference.

11:10 am - 12:00 pm - GENERAL SESSION

Redrawing the Life Insurance Roadmap
Kartik Sakthivel, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, LIMRA and LOMA, Moderator

Brooks Tingle will discuss how the ongoing pandemic has led John Hancock to reimagine the scope of its Vitality program, make progress toward radically simplifying the purchase process, and further embrace shared value as a business model. Brooks will also make a case for how the life insurance industry can better serve individuals with chronic health conditions.

Brooks Tingle - President and Chief Executive Officer, John Hancock Insurance

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm - BREAK

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm: CONCURRENT SESSIONS

3.1 Digital Transformation in a Post-COVID Era
Kimberly Harris-Ferrante, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner
Jim Huffman, FLMI, ACS, Second Vice President, LIMRA LOMA, Moderator

In many instances, COVID accelerated the need for digital transformation in areas including product development to underwriting, sales, and customer interaction. The climate for the life insurance is changing in the post- COVID era and should serve as an opportunity to further accelerate digital transformation. This session will provide a recap of digital transformation trends in the COVID era and insight on how the life insurance industry will continue the digital transformation journey in the post- COVID era.

3.2 Regulation of Big Data and Predictive Models
Mary J Bahna-Nolan, FSA, MAAA, CERA, Senior Vice President, Head of Product Innovation and Strategy, Pacific Life
Jan Graeber, ASA, MAAA, Senior Actuary, ACLI
Vincent Tsang, FSA, MAAA, CFA, Actuary, Illinois Department of Insurance
R. Dale Hall, FSA, MAAA, CFA, CERA, Managing Director of Research, Society of Actuaries, Moderator

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and the industry continue discussions on how big data and accelerated underwriting processes might grow in regulatory focus, and the importance of avoiding proxy discrimination in rating and underwriting algorithms. Regulation continues to be a key topic, with the development NAIC’s Accelerated Underwriting Working Group, a new focus on race and insurance, and more conversation among industry and trade associations on how product filings may evolve. Join the discussion in this session and hear an update on the current evolution and potential next steps featuring viewpoints from industry, trade associations, and state regulators.

3.3 COVID Silver Lining: A Simplified Purchase Process
Carrie Jones Folger, FLMI, ACS, Assistant Vice President, Relationship Management, Protective Life Insurance Company
Jeff Lingenfelter, EServices Director, John Hancock Life Insurance Company
David Peters, Director of Individual Operations, Principal Financial Group
Karen Terry, FLMI, Senior Research Director, Insurance Research, LIMRA, Moderator

COVID clearly changed how life insurance business is transacted. No face-to-face meetings, no or little ability for fluid collection for traditional underwriting, and so on. Out of necessity, COVID accelerated the acceptance and adoption of digital processes to maintain or even increase sales in 2020. The key question will be in how the industry capitalizes on this move to digital going forward, rather than return to the traditional ways of doing business via paper. Attend this session to learn more from a panel of experts on how the industry can continue to simplify and improve the life insurance purchase process.

3.4 Interactive Discussion: Distribution/Markets/Marketing
Laura Murach, ACS, ALMI, LLIF, Research Director, LIMRA, Facilitator
James Scanlon, HIA, Assistant Vice President, LIMRA, Facilitator

Participate in a small group roundtable discussion with industry experts and your peers.

1:30 pm - 1:45 pm - BREAK

1:45 pm - 2:45 pm: CONCURRENT SESSIONS

4.1 New Technologies Accelerate Insurer Innovation and Regulatory Modernization
Bruce Ferguson, Senior Vice President, Economic Empowerment & Racial Equity, ACLI
Jon Godfread, Commissioner, State of North Dakota Insurance Department
Nathan Jones, Assistant Vice President, Advanced Analytics, Pacific Life
Gary Sanginario, CPCU, Senior Director, Product Management and State Relations, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Taylor Walker, Legislative Director, ACLI, Moderator

New technologies are making it easier for insurers to develop innovative methods of marketing, underwriting, and distributing products to meet the needs of consumers in efficient and convenient ways. And the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a significant increase in consumer interest in purchasing life insurance, especially through online portals. Yet some state and federal policymakers are concerned that the regulatory framework has not kept pace with these rapidly evolving technologies; particularly whether certain practices result in racial inequities. A panel of experts will discuss the public policy issues being debated and efforts underway to update the insurance regulatory framework while promoting innovation in the marketplace.

4.2 Mortality Impact of 2020
Rick Leavitt, ASA, MAAA, Vice President, Pricing and Consulting Actuary, Smith Group
Marianne Purushotham, FSA, MAAA, Corporate Vice President, Research Shared Services and Center of Excellence, LIMRA
Steve Rulis, FSA, Vice President and Group Actuary, Munich Re
Cynthia MacDonald, FSA, MAAA, CFA, Senior Experience Studies Actuary, Society of Actuaries, Moderator

The United States unfortunately had over 3,000,000 deaths for the first time ever in 2020, with a variety of impacts from the pandemic, including deferred healthcare and suicide. Changes also occurred in accidental deaths. What is the current and future impact of 2020 for the insurance industry?

4.3 A Conversation With Millennials
Elaine Tumicki, CLU, ChFC, LLIF, Corporate Vice President, Insurance Research, LIMRA, Moderator

The first Millennials are turning 40 this year. They are 72 million strong, and are at the prime age when consumers might think about buying life insurance ― when they buy a house, get married, and/or have children. What are their financial priorities? Have they changed because of COVID? How do Millennials want to interact with insurance and other financial services companies? Bring your questions to this conversation with representatives of this important generation of insurance consumers.

2:45 pm - 3:00 pm - BREAK

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm: CONCURRENT SESSIONS

5.1 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Workforce
Sha`Ron James, President, Florida Chapter of the National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA)
Miriam Lewis, Chief Diversity Officer, Principal Financial Group
Melvyn Smith, Diversity and Inclusion Director, Genworth
Olivia Gillis, Vice President, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs, ACLI, Moderator

As insurers, investors, and regulators address diversity and inclusion in the industry, what are best practices and ways the insurance industry can ensure more people of color and women are in position to take on leadership roles in the insurance ranks? Please join us for a panel discussion on concrete steps that are being taken to meet those needs in the life insurance industry.

5.2 InsurTech, Digital Transformation, and COVID-19 Regulatory Impacts
Jordan Martell, Vice President and Innovation Counsel, Pacific Life
Karen Phelan, Vice President, Underwriting Strategy & Innovation, PartnerRe North America Life
Cara St. Martin, Vice President, Compliance, Ladder Life Insurance
Brian Bayerle, FSA, MAAA, Senior Actuary, ACLI, Co-Moderator
Gabrielle Griffith, Policy Analyst, ACLI, Co-Moderator

Life insurance companies are entering an unprecedented period of change due to the emergence of InsurTechs into the life space, digital transformation, and regulatory changes due to COVID-19. Companies are pressured to modernize and innovate as InsurTechs gain greater prominence in the life insurance space. Digital transformation is fundamentally changing how companies are doing business. Companies prepared for digital transactions were well positioned to take advantage of the recent increase in life insurance applications due to COVID-19. Additionally, regulators provided temporary accommodations to facilitate business during the pandemic, with companies looking to extend many of these accommodations on a permanent basis. This session will explore the intersection between digital transformation that is happening at carriers, the rise of InsurTechs, and industry efforts to make permanent pandemic-related accommodations, as well as efforts to bring uniformity to current e-commerce standards for electronic use in the business of insurance.

5.3 Impact of COVID-19 on Life Insurance Underwriting
Neal Halder, Chief Underwriter, Principal Financial Group
Kevin Oldani, Senior Vice President and Chief Underwriter, Hannover Re
Jim Huffman, FLMI, ACS, Second Vice President, LIMRA LOMA, Moderator

Life insurance companies had to adjust (or at least think about adjusting) their underwriting practices and operations due to COVID-19. Questions to be addressed in the session may include: What were some changes to offset the impact of COVID? Were these changes successful, and what were some of the barriers to success? What was learned and to what extent might changes be temporary or permanent? Join our presenters to learn how their organizations not only survived but thrived in the COIVD environment.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

11:15 am - 12:15 pm - GENERAL SESSION

Embedding Innovation Into Everyone’s DNA

How do you create a culture that embraces risk and entrepreneurialism, allowing everyone to innovate? Duncan Wardle shares how he infused a culture of innovation across the world’s most creative company, Disney.

Duncan Wardle - Former Head of Innovation & Creativity, Walt Disney

12:15 pm - 12:45 pm - BREAK

12:45 pm - 1:45 pm: CONCURRENT SESSIONS

6.1 Electronic Health Records and Other Data Sources
Susan Ghalili, FALU, FLMI, CLU, Vice President, Underwriting Transformation &
Chief Underwriter, John Hancock
Nichole Myers, FLMI, FALU, AIRC, ARA, ACS, Senior Vice President, Swiss Re
Chris Stehno, Director, Deloitte Consulting, Moderator

As life insurers seek to underwrite life insurance policies more efficiently and accurately, the types and sources of electronic data continues to grow. This session is intended to provide an overview and use of electronic health records and other data sources employed in life insurance underwriting. Questions to be addressed could range from data sources and access to accuracy and the effective use of this data in life insurance underwriting.

6.2 Marching Forward on Digitization
Robert McIsaac, FLMI, LLIF, Executive Vice President, Novarica
Kartik Sakthivel, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, LIMRA and LOMA, Moderator

For a variety of reasons, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the focus on digital capabilities as well as the need to perfect new capabilities such as Journey Mapping and more effective management of User/Customer Experiences. This session will illuminate these subjects based on research done across all major lines of business.

6.3 The Interstate Insurance Compact – Challenges After the Colorado Supreme Court Opinion
Anne Correia, Principal Product Contract Associate, Allianz
Mary Jo Hudson, Partner, Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP
Karen Schutter, Executive Director, The Interstate Insurance Compact (IIPRC)
Wayne Mehlman, Senior Counsel, Insurance Regulation, ACLI, Moderator

The Interstate Compact faces uncertainty after the Colorado Supreme Court, in the case of Amica Life Insurance Company v. Wertz, opined that the Colorado General Assembly did not have the authority to delegate to the Compact the power to approve policies that are sold in Colorado containing provisions that conflict with Colorado law. While the opinion only applies to Colorado, it could have a long-lasting impact on other Compacting states, insurers who file through the Compact, and the Compact’s own financial sustainability. In addition to this case, we will discuss the importance of the Compact and the need to re-educate certain state regulators and legislators; other potential challenges to the Compact and options to address them; whether the Compact obtained implied Congressional consent in 2006; and the Compact’s Emergency Rule relating to minimum non-forfeiture rates and the automatic incorporation of NAIC Model amendments.

6.4 Interactive Discussion: Actuarial and Product Development
Anthony Ferraro, FSA, MAAA, Vice President and Actuary, Munich Re, Facilitator
Maureen Shaughnessy, FSA, MAAA, Research Actuary, LIMRA, Facilitator

Participate in a small group roundtable discussion with industry experts and your peers.

1:45 pm - 2:00 pm - BREAK

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm: CONCURRENT SESSIONS

7.1 Low Interest Rates: The Long Road to Immediate Impact
Mary Elizabeth Caramagno, FSA, MAAA, Corporate Vice President and Actuary, Insurance Solutions Finance, New York Life
Max J. Rudolph, FSA, CFA, CERA, MAAA, Principal, Rudolph Financial Consulting, LLC
Richard Smolinski, FSA, MAAA, Senior Vice President and Individual Life Division and Retirement Division CFO, Symetra
R. Dale Hall, FSA, MAAA, CFA, CERA, Managing Director of Research, Society of Actuaries, Moderator

Prolonged low interest rates continue to have an impact on insurers’ investments, risk management, asset-liability matching, and especially on product development. Add to that the recent modifications to Internal Revenue Code 7702 and we have an environment ripe for rapid change. Attend this session to learn more about the potential effects of these issues for the industry and for your company.

7.2 Moving Forward With Customer Experience for Life Insurance
Nathalia Bellizia, Managing Director and Partner, BCG Insurance Practice
James Keating, Assistant Vice President, CX Strategy Lead, Life Ops, Lincoln Financial
Todd A. Silverhart, Ph.D. LLIF, Corporate Vice President and Director, Research Quality & Performance, LIMRA

While COVID-19 forced major changes in how business is conducted, there is considerable interest in understanding the impact of the pandemic on insurers’ efforts to optimize the customer experience. In this session, highlights will be reviewed from LIMRA and BCG research focused on the experience for in-pandemic life buyers. In addition, a panel discussion will be conducted sharing the perspectives of a life carrier and industry consultant on issues related to how companies are changing their customer experience practices and expectations in the current environment, as well as plans for moving forward.

7.3 Interactive Discussion: Administration and Underwriting
Jim Huffman, FLMI, ACS, Second Vice President, LIMRA LOMA, Facilitator
Karen Terry, FLMI, Senior Research Director, Insurance Research, LIMRA, Facilitator

Participate in a small group roundtable discussion with industry experts and your peers.