アジアディストリビューション会議 Agenda

Thursday, May 17, 2018

7:45 am - 8:45 am -

8:45 am - 9:15 am -

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Suthiphon Thaveechaiyagarn - Secretary-General and Insurance Commissioner, Office of Insurance Commission, Thailand

Nusara Banyatpiyaphod - President, Thai Life Assurance Association

Ian J. Watts - Senior Vice President and Managing Director, International Operations, LIMRA and LOMA

9:15 am - 10:00 am -

The convergence of economic, technology, and consumer forces is changing the insurance industry. Advances in technology, a growing middle class, and the rise of millennials have all raised customer expectations. Insurance companies and advisors must be prepared to meet these expectations with a high-performing, customer-centric culture. Delivering profitable growth will require an alignment of products, distribution and services. They need to reflect consumer needs as well as consumers’ preferred methods of gathering information, receiving advice, and purchasing products. This presentation will cover LIMRA research on markets, trends, and advisor practices that will provide insight into growing sales and customer satisfaction. 

Alison Salka, Ph.D. - Senior Vice President and Director of Research, LIMRA and LOMA

10:00 am - 10:30 am -

10:30 am - 11:15 am -

Dr. Thaveechaiyagarn will share insights on how he manages his role as an insurance regulator in an environment full of disruption.  He will discuss how he believes regulators can protect public interest today while still preparing and adapting for the future of tomorrow, as well as whether or not he thinks it is possible for regulatory supervision to support, not hinder, these new innovations.

Suthiphon Thaveechaiyagarn - Secretary-General and Insurance Commissioner, Office of Insurance Commission, Thailand

11:15 am - 12:15 pm -

 The applications for blockchain technology are coming fast and furious, with China taking the global lead. This revolution, which has come as a response to archaic, decades-old systems, will change everything. In his presentation Paul will discuss the overall goal of blockchain and distributed ledger technology, as well as: 

- The evolution of niche banking, customer relationships, and blockchain case studies
- Insurance pilot projects, with an emphasis on Zhong An
- Europe's smart cities
- Japan’s J-coin

Paul Schulte - CEO, Schulte Research

12:15 pm - 1:15 pm -

1:15 pm - 1:20 pm -

1:20 pm - 2:10 pm:

Bancassurance today has evolved into a very significant channel mutually benefitting insurers & bankers. Insurers have benefitted by way of increasing penetration and market share and bankers have benefitted to augment their fee income and to offset the volatility of interest income. However, advancements in technology have given rise to a new era of information, connectivity and buying behavior at the consumers’ fingertips. Disruption of the traditional bancassurance model is inevitable and in order to stay ahead organizations must adapt.

Patrick van Heerde - Head of Partnership Management, AIA Thailand

Digital innovation is driving big changes in the organizational learning and development field. What will training look like in the workplace of the future? And how can companies stay ahead of the curve to ensure they are keeping up with the competition? Andy Khoo will present findings from a recent LIMRA survey on training methodologies in our industry, along with how companies can begin to adapt their programs to incorporate new tools like simulations and online interactive courses. 

Andy Khoo, ACS, AIAA, CFP, FLMI, LLIF, MBA - Managing Director, LIMRA Talent Solutions International, LIMRA

Predictive Analytics: The Key to Unlocking Sales, Profitability and the Customer Experience

Insurance companies are currently witnessing an exponential growth in data available on consumer behavior and customer decisions, and new types of analysis methods are appearing every day. How does this vast sea of “big data” get digested in order for insurance companies to use this information for better business decisions? A background on this new wave of actuarial data analysis will be covered, and attendees will see examples of how these methods can work to boost sales opportunities, develop better risk assessment and underwriting processes, and improve product designs and profitability.

R. Dale Hall, FSA, CERA, MAAA, CFA - Managing Director of Research, Society of Actuaries

Tommy Pichet, FSA, FIA, FSAT, FRM - Managing Director, Actuarial Business Solutions

2:10 pm - 2:20 pm -

2:20 pm - 3:10 pm:

Drawing from over 60 years of combined industry experience, Burton and Eleonore will share how focusing on innovation, interaction, integration and impact leads to more sustainable talent development. Innovative solutions with blended learning methodologies, new tools and research insights to develop talents for tomorrow's market in a simpler and smarter way will also be discussed.

Burton Lai - Co-Founder, i-Leader

Eleonore Chow - Co-Founder, i-Leader

Dennis Cheung - Founder, ShowMuse

What is the most efficient way for an agency to grow distribution and generate consistent, profitable production growth? Join LIMRA’s International Head of Research and the Director of LIMRA Talent Solutions International in a session that will present more than 100 years of LIMRA agency management research and field-tested best practices. Attendees will receive new ideas on how to help agency executives effectively and efficiently grow distribution, as well as tips on how to implement strategies that positively impact the top and bottom line.

Larry Hartshorn - Corporate Vice President and Director, International Research and Member Engagement, LIMRA and LOMA

Nick Wilson, MCIPD - Director, LIMRA Talent Solutions International, LIMRA

Using New Date Sources and Risk Insights to Transform Life Underwriting and Pricing

 The session will explore recent data initiatives across the value chain which have provided exciting opportunities in customer segmentation, underwriting accuracy and claims management. Global case studies will illustrate the opportunities of leveraging credit scoring, upselling using claimant’s data, risk scoring in fraud prevention and the use of lifestyle data.

John Cardus - Executive Director, Regional Underwriting and Business Solutions, RGA

3:10 pm - 3:40 pm -

3:40 pm - 5:00 pm -

What is the right digital strategy for effectively connecting with and engaging today’s consumers?  And how do you ensure that it resonates with the older generations while remaining relevant and fresh in the eyes of the younger ones? This multi-perspective panel will explore these questions and more as they discuss different ideas on how companies can provide differentiated solutions to grow relationships and retain business.  

Marc Baloch - Associate Partner (APAC), Marlin Hawk

Jayant Murty - Former Director Marketing, Asia Pacific & Japan - Intel Corporation

Simon Phipps - Head of Asia, Global Development & Blockchain, The Digital Insurer

Samdarshi Sumit - Chief Retail Officer, Generali Life Assurance (Thailand) Plc & Generali Insurance (Thailand ) Plc

5:00 pm -

Friday, May 18, 2018

8:00 am - 8:45 am -

8:45 am - 9:00 am -

LIMRA’s International Quality Award professionally recognizes Agents who consistently perform in producing new business and pride themselves in delivering customer service, building quality, and profitability. To attain this award, agents meet rigorous policy standards for two consecutive years and maintain an impressive persistency rate on these policies.  At this time, LIMRA would like to recognize our member companies who have yielded the highest number of the IQA qualifiers, as well as those who have experienced the highest year on year growth of IQA qualifiers for the last two years.

9:00 am - 9:45 am -

Join John Brisco as he combines research insights on technology and customer perspectives to present a very practical application on what it all means to the future of intermediaries in a digital world. John will help shed some light on the biggest challenges and confusions, how to reposition those challenges into opportunities, and finally where he predicts new ecosystem capabilities will lead the future of CX. 

John Brisco - CEO, Coherent Capital Advisors Limited

9:45 am - 10:30 am -

Cognitive tools and technologies, including AI, analytics, robotics process automation, and a host of recognition and assistance programs, are transforming how people and systems learn and adapt.  We'll review the current "state of the art", how insurers, insureds, and distributors might react and improve, and how the underlying systems that cover and advise on risk might themselves learn about the future of risk.

Mark McLaughlin - Global Insurance Director, IBM

10:30 am - 11:00 am -

11:00 am - 12:30 pm -

Group Conversation Tables

A unique opportunity for facilitated small group discussions on topics being discussed throughout the event!

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm -

1:30 pm - 2:15 pm -

The insurance sector is being rapidly transformed by social media, and leading insurers are capitalizing on this transformation to help empower agents. Bharat Kannan will share his ideas on how life insurers can best use social media tools and training to:
- Effectively engage their customers
- Identify and connect with new prospects
- Establish themselves as thought leaders

Bharat Kannan - Chief Distribution Officer, Asia, MetLife Asia Ltd.

2:15 pm - 3:15 pm -

We are living in an era of hyper distraction, with customers that are bombarded with content across platforms and devices. Advertising just doesn’t connect with Gen Y, let alone even touch the surface with Generation Z. To be a successful and thriving business no longer just means being able to do things well. It means having a deeper understanding of your customer, planning for the day after tomorrow, and properly utilizing the latest technologies. Join Chris Riddell as he makes sense of what this all means, and what he believes the customer of the future will look like.

Chris Riddell - Global Futurist

3:15 pm -