LIMRA LOMA Latin American Conference Agenda

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm - Trustworthy Selling Preview Day

LIMRA and the Hoopis Performance Network invite you to attend the first ever 2018 Latin American Trustworthy Selling Preview Day! Trustworthy Selling is a sales effectiveness program proven to increase productivity by 30% and the program is now going to be available in Spanish! If you are interested in increasing productivity and retention of new or experienced advisors, you should plan on attending the 2018 Trustworthy Selling Preview Day!

The Purpose of Preview Day:

  • Review the latest LIMRA research that impacts productivity in Latin America
  • Provide an in-depth look at the curriculum, productivity results, and program deliverables

Target Audience: Latin American Home Office executives responsible for agency distribution, productivity and/or training and development.

Program Pricing: Complimentary with the purchase of your Latin American Conference registration

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

7:45 am - 8:45 am - Registration

8:45 am - 9:20 am - Welcome Remarks

Welcome Remarks

Robert A. Kerzner, CLU®, ChFC® - President and Chief Executive Officer, LIMRA, LOMA, and LL Global, Inc.

Thad Burr - Managing Director, Latin America and the Caribbean, LIMRA and LOMA

9:20 am - 10:00 am - Opening Keynote: Changing Your Mindset through Comedy and Innovation

As young babies we are all born creative, and that creativity grows and flourishes as we enter into childhood. Yet somehow that creative mindset often gets lost as we go through the standard educational and growing process and transition into adulthood. Murilo Gun, comedian, creativity speaker and founder of Keep Learning School will blend humor with business as he explains why creative thinkers are such a vital part of an organization that wants to grow and innovate, and more importantly how you can begin to reconnect with your inner creative self!

Murilo Gun - Comedian and Creativity Professor

10:00 am - 10:30 am - Networking Break

10:30 am - 11:25 am - It’s time to evolve LATAM’s distribution model and maximize market potential

The emerging middle class in Latin America has created an increased need for real financial advice. Organizations have to find new ways to attract, select and develop a new generation of business advisors and channel leaders. Using LIMRA studies and research, we will examine the enormous opportunity that exists in Latin America today, specifically with life insurance and related products. We will review the latest trends to equip your organization with the strategies to evolve your distribution system and thus maximize this growing opportunity.

Miguel Taveras, CLF, LLIF - Chief Sales Officer, Hoopis Performance Network

Armando Mejía Capuñay - CEO, Firefly Digital

11:25 am - 12:15 pm - The Financial Services Path to Customer-Centricity

What does customer centricity mean for the financial services industry? Clearly, companies looking to pursue the benefits of improved customer experience face unique challenges in a “sold not bought” industry where there is often infrequent interaction with the end user, and no real consensus on who the customer even is. This session draws on recent LIMRA research and assessments of the prospects for customer experience management in our industry. Reviewing current company practices will provide a framework for formulating needed strategy to guide companies as they venture down the path to customer-centricity.

Todd A. Silverhart, Ph.D., LLIF - Corporate Vice President Research Quality & Markets Research, LIMRA and LOMA

12:15 pm - 1:44 pm - Lunch

Thursday, November 1, 2018

8:00 am - Registration

8:45 am - 9:00 am - Welcome Back

9:00 am - 9:45 am - The Future of Underwriting in Life and Health

How can the use of technology accelerate and facilitate the underwriting process? And how will underwriting processes be impacted by new distribution channels? This presentation will explore these questions and more, as well as highlight the most innovative and successful experiences and underwriting trends from various countries around the world.

Carmelo Galante - Director Regional del Área de Vida y Salud para América Latina, Gen Re

9:45 am - 10:30 am - Product Innovation in Health Insurance

This session will use global trends and case studies to explore 3 mega-trends that are disrupting health insurance markets around the world… and the implications of those trends on your product development and innovation strategy. The discussion will also include a review on the various ways in which public and private healthcare funding systems interact, cross-border health insurance programs, and recommendations on where health insurers should focus their resources in order to remain competitive.

Laurent Pochat-Cottilloux - Global Head of Health Reinsurance Partnerships, AXA

10:30 am - 11:00 am - Networking Break

11:00 am - 12:30 pm - Panel: Profitable Microinsurance Solutions

This group of panelists will share insights and case studies on how different markets are currently advancing microinsurance initiatives in a manner that is both sustainable and profitable. They will discuss challenges, offer solutions, and compare and contrast different products and strategies to identify why microinsurance has enjoyed success in some markets and not others…..and what needs to be done to improve insurance penetration to a greater number of low income populations.

R. Dale Hall, FSA, CERA, MAAA, CFA - Managing Director of Research, Society of Actuaries

Andrea Keenan - Senior Managing Director – Industry Relations, AM Best

Michael J. McCord - Managing Director, MicroInsurance Centre at Milliman

Hernán Poblete Miranda - Associate Research Director, International Research, LIMRA and LOMA

12:30 pm - 1:44 pm - Lunch

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

1:44 pm - Concurrent Sessions

1A. IFRS 17 - The new challenge for insurance companies in Latin America

This presentation will discuss some of the expected challenges that Latin American companies can expect to face as they work towards becoming IFRS 17 compliant. It will also outline some of new ways companies will be expected to calculate and present figures in financial statements, and present several solutions and recommendations that ADDACTIS has developed to help companies respond to these needs.

Maria Carolina Ramírez Sepúlveda - Regional Head of Sales LATAM, ADDACTIS Latina

1:44 pm -

1B. What Do You Do With Limited Data?

While businesses are utilizing big data in predictive analytics, what can you do when data is limited in quantity or quality? Come to this session to learn best practices in generating insights from insurance companies who have implemented analytics solutions in sales, marketing, operations, claims, finance. You are encouraged to submit questions ahead of time.

Nirav Dagli - Founder and CEO, Spinnaker Analytics

Manish Gupta - Senior Vice President, Spinnaker Labs

1:44 pm - Concurrent Sessions

2A. Business Transformation in Life Insurance Industry

The Life Insurance industry is one of the slowest when it comes to business transformations, but it is set to become one of the most disrupted in the coming decade. And this comes despite research that shows the most fundamental challenge for Life Insurers is it’s ‘lowest touchpoints per customer during the lifecycle’ of any industry. Amidst rapidly changing customer demographics and lifestyles, and a landscape beginning to see ‘born-digital’ or ’InsurTech’ competitors, traditional Life Insurance companies have a major challenge of staying relevant and competitive while gaining leadership positions in this new industry structure. Join us to understand the digital and business transformations taking place in the Life Insurance industry to chart your course for the future.

Tory Bibbo - Director, Client Relations, Trasers

Savio Rodrigues - Director, Client Relations, Trasers

1:44 pm -

2B. Mysteries of Life

Is the motivation to shop for life insurance the result of careful deliberation of the pros and cons and a rational consideration of risk? The field of behavioral economics suggests otherwise. Instead, like most human behavior, consumer receptivity to life insurance is likely driven by quick, automatic responses. Come hear the results of research in which LIMRA turned to the subconscious for some answers:

  • How do consumers really feel about life insurance ownership?
  • What emotional benefits do people want from life insurance?
  • What type of messaging might increase their likelihood to purchase the product

Kimberly A. Landry - Associate Research Director, Workplace Benefits Research, LIMRA and LOMA

Jennifer L. Douglas - Senior Research Director, Member Benefits, LIMRA and LOMA

1:44 pm - Networking Break

1:44 pm - Panel: InsurTech & Technologies Changing the Life Insurance Landscape

InsurTech is one of the fastest-growing areas of focus for insurance companies, with the total amount of global InsurTech investment coming in at over $2 billion in 2017. This panel of experts will share case studies and personal stories on how they have contributed to this focus, as well as provide insight into the latest technologies and how they believe InsurTech will continue to change the role of insurers, start-ups and regulators in the future insurance ecosystem.

Julian Bersano - Founder and CEO, Klimber Digital Insurance

Eduardo Iglesias - Co-Founder and CEO, eColón

Carlos Islas Murguía - Member Development Director, Mexico, LIMRA and LOMA

Juan Mazzini - Senior Analyst, Financial Services, Celent

1:44 pm - Casual Cocktails with a Halloween Twist!

Before you head out to dinner be sure to join us for cocktails and snacks in the Broadway Lounge. It is the perfect opportunity to both reconnect with old friends and meet with new ones, as you discuss the sessions of the day in a more relaxed setting. Smart casual attire.

1:44 pm - Evolution in the Analysis of Technical Elements of a Life Annuity Project

During his presentation, Hector with discuss:

  • New success factors
  • Possible improvements in the techniques being used to evaluate and differentiate Demographic Factors.
  • Perspectives on more precise and sophisticated portfolio valuation schemes
  • Recent international experiences

Héctor Gueler - Principal, Latin America Milliman Buenos Aires – Argentina

1:44 pm - Closing Keynote: The Future of Work

We are living in a world that is transforming at an unprecedented rate. One area that is changing the most, and with the greatest impact on our lives, is the world of work. The company as we know it is deconstructing before our eyes, and organizations are facing unprecedented challenges to attract, retain and develop talent that keeps them competitive. At the same time, technological advancements in areas such as artificial intelligence and robotics are making current "job descriptions" obsolete as entire professions disappear, and people are being pushed to develop new skills that fit in with new job roles that come along with these changes. How are we reacting to these new challenges in the world of work? And what can we do to better prepare ourselves and our organizations?

Santiago Bilinkis - Entrepreneur, Technologist, & Founder of Quasar Ventures

1:44 pm - Adjourn

1:44 pm - Innovating the Customer Experience to Improve Life Insurance Claims

Join Bobbie Shrivastav as she reviews the current state of life insurance claims, and provides insight into how digital transformations at the point of the customer can help organizations innovate their short-term and long-term claims processing strategies. She will also share how organizations can use these innovations to cope with claim processing challenges created by outdated processes, legacy systems, and changing regulations.

Bobbie Shrivastav - Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer, Benekiva

1:44 pm - Session Change