Leading Change in an Agile World Agenda

Sample Agenda
Day One:
View from the Senior Leadership Chair

  • Today’s challenges in leading change
  • Short term versus long term tensions
  • The role and challenges of strategic leaders

Change Management Business Simulation: Assess the Situation

  • “Interview” stakeholders
  • Force field analysis
  • Debrief and Change Model Discussion

Change Management Business Simulation: Plan & Implement

  • Develop a change plan incorporating cost and time constraints
  • Implement the planned actions
  • Debrief – results of actions taken & implications

Day Two:
Comparison of Change Models

  • Review of relevant models – Kotter; ADKAR; Lewin
  • Discussion of elements most relevant for current challenges

Application to Participant Change Initiatives

  • Assessment of current state
  • Development of idealized state

Stakeholder Management

  • Development of stakeholder plans
  • Development of communication plans

Building Agility

  • The case for agility
  • Known knowns and known unknowns
  • Small bets and experiments

Action Planning

  • Quick wins
  • Accountability matrix