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For 30 years, LIMRA MarketFacts has been the premier publication for financial services executives worldwide. Our mission is to bring the latest, most pertinent industry information to our readership — whether it is derived from industry research, company best practices, or insightful thought leadership. LIMRA MarketFacts offers unmatched content by inviting authorship from representatives of companies in LIMRA’s vast member roster, as well as from LIMRA’s internal subject matter experts and global thought leaders impacting the financial services arena.

Why is LIMRA MarketFacts different from other industry trade publications? Because we concentrate on developing in-depth, insightful articles devoted to the critical issues of the day impacting financial services industry decision-makers. By blending exclusive perspectives from LIMRA’s renowned research team and marketing experts with the industry’s top thought leadership, LIMRA MarketFacts provides the latest information on how companies can maximize their marketing and distribution effectiveness in an ever-evolving environment.

In these turbulent times, it is imperative that you have access to the best thinking on the forces driving change in the financial services industry. LIMRA MarketFacts is the vehicle that industry executives turn to most for LIMRA’s longstanding brand in research excellence.

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LIMRA MarketFacts

Number 3/4, 2011

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by Jennifer L. Douglas, LIMRA

Is the insurance industry ripe for a midlife crisis? Sales doldrums and frustrations surrounding the seemingly impenetrable middle market suggest that the most traditional products are no longer meeting the needs of today’s consumers.

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by Mary M. Art, LIMRA

Most life insurance companies have a Website to reach out to their customers. These Websites were once akin to online brochures: All insurers had to do were to tell their site visitors a little bit about themselves and their products. But that was then … expectations have now grown to where prospects and customers demand an increasing amount of information and services that insurance companies have to offer.

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by Scott R. Kallenbach, FLMI, LIMRA

The second of the two-part LIMRA's MarketFacts Quarterly article series adapted from LIMRA's 2011 Strategic Issue Series report Go Wide and Get Deep: Increasing Sales Capacity, we concentrate on examining two business practices that will help sales associates prosper: changes in business practices and succession planning.

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by J. Scott Dunn

This should be the golden age for variable annuity (VA) sales as baby boomers are aging, employers have shifted away from traditional pension plans, and there are growing concerns over the future of Social Security and Medicare. Yet, according to LIMRA's annuity sales surveys, 2010 VA sales were at the same level as they were in 2000.

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by Ron Neyer, MBA, CLU, ChFC, LIMRA

There are several good reasons why many employers offer voluntary benefits that are 100–percent employee–paid to their workforce. And, though no added direct cost to the company has always been a strong selling point, it now stands as employers’ primary motivation for introducing worksite plans. Given the added focus that businesses have placed on controlling costs since the onset of U.S. economic difficulties, this change is not at all surprising.

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by Yuliya Babushkina, LIMRA

The interest in wellness programs in companies is rapidly increasing, as their true meaning is undergoing a substantial transformation. Wellness programs are no longer just effective tools to increase employee productivity and reduce medical costs.

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by John R. Graham, Graham Communications

It’s not surprising that small businesses possess an immense amount of power. In the financial services industry, where field offices often serve as companies’ chief centers of product distribution, a small business mentality can be the difference in the success or failure in the eyes of consumers.

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by Polly A. Painter Eggers, LIMRA

Insurance and related financial products and services offer society some of the most powerful tools for managing risk. When we recognize and celebrate the leadership of the many financial professionals who possess the distinctive skills and abilities to positively change so many lives, we firmly establish the identity of an industry that is not only one to watch and admire — but also one to work for. How we reach out to attract and retain a generation of sales talent will be instrumental to our companies’ success in establishing the new eEntrepreneurs — the sales force of the future.

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by Brian J. Eves, LIMRA

Across the globe, the trend of working pensioners — people who work beyond their official retirement age — is a growing phenomenon. Collectively, this demographic is known as the post–retirement workforce.

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by Thomas Horack

Collecting personal information is nothing new in the financial services industry. For decades information was collected by financial professionals in order to determine a client’s financial needs. Fast forward to today, and these functions happen via email and the Internet. How do compliance professionals deal with all of the potential challenges introduced by these technologies?

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by Cheryl D. Retzloff, LLIF, ACS, LIMRA

Research has shown that people often procrastinate when it comes to buying life insurance. By understanding what motivates consumers to start shopping for life insurance and what experiences they find most useful, companies and their distribution arms can reach out to consumers at the optimal moment with the right messages.

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by Steven Brown

Leader derailment is involuntary and punitive, and it occurs far too often among sales managers and leaders. Either the derailed leader leaves the organization through involuntarily resignation, termination, or early retirement, or he or she reaches a plateau because of a perceived lack of fit between personal characteristics and skills and the demands of the job.

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