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For 30 years, LIMRA MarketFacts has been the premier publication for financial services executives worldwide. Our mission is to bring the latest, most pertinent industry information to our readership — whether it is derived from industry research, company best practices, or insightful thought leadership. LIMRA MarketFacts offers unmatched content by inviting authorship from representatives of companies in LIMRA’s vast member roster, as well as from LIMRA’s internal subject matter experts and global thought leaders impacting the financial services arena.

Why is LIMRA MarketFacts different from other industry trade publications? Because we concentrate on developing in-depth, insightful articles devoted to the critical issues of the day impacting financial services industry decision-makers. By blending exclusive perspectives from LIMRA’s renowned research team and marketing experts with the industry’s top thought leadership, LIMRA MarketFacts provides the latest information on how companies can maximize their marketing and distribution effectiveness in an ever-evolving environment.

In these turbulent times, it is imperative that you have access to the best thinking on the forces driving change in the financial services industry. LIMRA MarketFacts is the vehicle that industry executives turn to most for LIMRA’s longstanding brand in research excellence.

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2014 MarketFacts Number 4

LIMRA MarketFacts

Number 4, 2014

by Jafor Iqbal, LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute; Joseph E. Montminy, ASA, MAAA, LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute

It is clear that understanding the strong relationship among annuity knowledge, attitudes, and ownership — how closely they are connected and how they influence each other — can help the industry bring this valuable product to more consumers. This article highlights key findings from a recent LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute study on the topic.

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by Kristen Gillis, ALMI, LIMRA

This article highlights key industry considerations around the important Asian consumer subgroup identified in recent LIMRA research as “Disinterested.” In terms of purchase status, these individuals have not shopped for or purchased an insurance product. The analytic focus for these respondents was to determine why they were not interested and how companies can better reach them in the future.

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by Patrick T. Leary, LLIF, LIMRA

Distribution leaders are presented with many opportunities as they align their company’s offerings to the needs and preferences of their chosen target markets. But opportunities are often met with challenges, particularly when it comes to target marketing and distribution strategy. This article presents a research-based perspective on today’s distribution environment and offers insight on how organizations can embrace change, align their current channels with consumer shopping patterns, and explore new outlets for products and services.

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by Laura A. Murach, ACS, ALMI, LIMRA

Manufacturers and intermediaries that understand today’s independent financial professionals (IFPs) will be better positioned to earn their coveted business. However, there are many components of an IFP’s practice to consider. This article explores these considerations as “the five Ws” (who, what, when, why, and where) as they pertain to this sales channel.

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by Scott R. Kallenbach, FLMI, LIMRA

This article presents the collective view of more than 50 industry leaders, representing several different types of financial services organizations, and examines some of the macro trends likely to impact 2015 performance.

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by Scott Dolfi, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

In this View From the Top article, Guardian’s Chief Operating Officer Scott Dolfi shares his perspective on what the industry can do to attract new — and perhaps nontraditional — recruits for the financial representative role.

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by Deb Dupont, LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute

It’s interesting to think that, in the context of history, “retirement” is a relatively new concept — and retirement as a desirable goal or event is especially new. This article reviews the evolution of retirement over time and shares some key findings from a recent LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute survey of employers on the topic. It explores employers’ thoughts about their plans and objectives, an especially important view given the increased role of employers in facilitating employee saving.

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by Vincent L. Bodnar, ASA, MAAA, Towers Watson

What options exist for people who don’t pass underwriting for long-term care insurance (LTCI)? What about people who did not buy insurance when they could, but later find themselves facing an expensive care episode? The author examines these questions through the lens of substandard long-term care products, point of care annuities, and other options to consider.

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by Dorinda Walker, Prudential Financial

In this article, Dorinda Walker, Director of Multicultural Marketing with Prudential Financial, takes a close look at the Black consumer segment in the United States. She discusses how this group is a vital force in the U.S. economy and why there is a strong case for any financial services brand to engage these consumers as a strategic growth opportunity.

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Despite their different approaches, all firms have one thing in common: the need to attract and retain sales talent. Yet their business models, cultures, and value propositions (to prospective advisors) may vary significantly. This article shares an interview that LIMRA conducted with leaders of three types of firms — an insurance company with a direct sales force, a bank, and an independent broker/dealer — to begin to understand their similarities and differences in this regard.

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by Norah Denley, LIMRA

The financial services industry has been relatively quick to adopt social media. However, to stand out and create business value requires more than just adoption. Reflecting on the entries from the 2013 and 2014 Silver Bowl Awards, as well as other research, this article shares some key strategies for successful use of social media in financial services.

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