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Seventy life insurance companies found the Association of Life Agency Officers (ALAO), focused on training and development for the life insurance industry.


The second meeting of ALAO is held in Chicago and is attended by representatives of 81 member companies.


The first publication, as well as first training program — Special Army Course in Life Insurance and Insurance Salesmanship, An Outline for Teachers’ Use — is published by the ALAO in cooperation with the U.S. government in order to help returning servicemen “go into gainful occupations.”


Happy 100th, LIMRA!

A Happy Birthday Wish

100 Birthday Wish
    From left to right: Jean Pelletier, Joe Krukas, Carolyn Burton, Paul McClain, Rita Baccaro, Frank Santa-Donato, Reba Nassau, Tom Fahey, Gene Mayfield (with spouse Sue), Arch Edgar, Kent Jamison, Don Kauke, Jim Mitchel, Barbara Norton, Dave Logie, Ram Gopian, John Donahue, Bruce Hamstra.