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The Real News on Life Expectancy and Retirement Planning

We’ve all seen the headlines about average life expectancy which the U.S. Census Bureau currently places at 78.5 years.

Emerging Trends in Retirement: Gray Divorce and Real-life 'Golden Girls'

LIMRA research shows that men and women give similar rank to financial goals with both choosing retirement as their top savings goal.

Spotlight on Retirement: Asia

May 15, 2018

In Asia, rapidly aging populations, demographic shifts, and changing family structures are causing an enormous retirement challenge. Learn how insurers can help.

When Planning for Retirement, 90 is the new 70

As longevity improves for Americans, LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute findings suggest financial plans should be calculated to cover a person until their mid 90’s, at minimum.

Middle Market Debt and Retirement Planning

As workers reach their 40s, these years provide an opportunity to assess retirement planning and adjust strategies to take advantage of what could be 20 more years of saving.

Does Your Company Know the Real Value of Social Media?

LIMRA and LOMA Host 3rd Annual Social Media for Financial Services Conference to Help Companies Achieve their Business Goals Using Social Media.