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When is the Best Time to Buy Disability Insurance?

If the Jeopardy! Game answer is: “The moment you start earning a paycheck,” then the question is: “When is the best time to buy disability insurance?”

Timing Is Everything When It Comes to Retirement

Everyone knows that at a certain point — many would say the sooner the better — people need to start planning for retirement. Under the best circumstances, people choose a date they want to retire and work backward from that date to make their plan a reality. According to a Secure Retirement Institute (formerly LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute) study, while 6 in 10 recent retirees were able to retire when they expected, almost one third retired earlier than they had planned. An additional 10% retired later than they had anticipated.

When it comes to technology and employer clients, is popular always best for employee benefits?

Technology has transformed how insurance brokers sell employee benefits to employers.

Consumers: Availability Online Is Not a Reason to Buy Life Insurance

Unlike most retail goods, the convenience of buying life insurance online doesn’t motivate people to buy.

Consumers More Likely to Buy Life Insurance when 'People Like Me' Own Coverage: LIMRA Study

WINDSOR, Conn., Jan. 26, 2016 — A new LIMRA study using behavioral economics finds consumers are more likely to buy life insurance when people similar to themselves own coverage.

Supplemental Health, DI, and LTC Conference to Explore New Medical Trends Transforming the Insurance Industry

WINDSOR, Conn., July 19, 2018 –Speakers at the 2018 Supplemental Health, DI, & LTC Conference will explore medical and technological trends that will impact the future of the insurance industry in San Diego on August 6-8, 2018.