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Less than Half of Middle-Market Consumers Own Individual Life Insurance Creating a Gap in Protection

WINDSOR, CT, Sept. 2, 2014 — A LIMRA study on middle-market consumers found that only 46 percent own individual life insurance,revealing a critical gap in protection.

Middle Market Households Own Majority of Permanent Life Insurance

As the financial services industry calculates opportunities in the middle market a new LIMRA report finds middle market households own the majority of individual permanent life insurance inforce.

Head of LIMRA International Urges Life Insurance Industry to Help Consumers Bridge Protection Gap

Windsor, CT, April 6, 2005 — The head of LIMRA International, a financial services research and consulting association, is urging the life insurance industry to help American households bridge the wide gap between the amount of life insurance they own and the amount they believe they need for adequate family financial protection.

LIMRA: Less than Half of Pre-Retirees Expect to Live Their Desired Lifestyle in Retirement

Having an Advisor and Accomplishing Some Key Retirement Planning Activities Improves Pre-retirees' Outlooks.

Middle-Market Consumers Value Trust over Price When Buying Life Insurance Online

Back in the 1700's English theologian Isaac Watts said "Learning to trust is one of life's most difficult tasks."

Most Middle-Income Workers Saving Less Than Five Percent of Their Income for Retirement

WINDSOR, Conn., Oct. 31, 2012 — A new LIMRA study reveals that two-thirds of middle-income ($40,000-$99,999) American workers are saving less than five percent of their annual income for retirement - with nearly a quarter saving nothing at all.

LIMRA Survey: More than Half of Financial Executives Surveyed Predict Outside Disruption in Life Insurance Market

Fifty seven percent of financial executives believe an outside source (Google, Amazon, etc.) will be a disruptive force in the life insurance market within the next 5 years according to a new LIMRA report.