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DOL Fiduciary Rule

Educate Your Workforce

The fiduciary rule is impacting people throughout your organization. Member companies have teamed with us to develop programs providing the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and mastery they may need.

DOL Fiduciary Basics for Employees

Establish a common language and understanding within your organization
Is your company asking, “How do we get everyone in our organization up to speed on this new rule?” It should be. This course quickly provides foundational knowledge about the rule, establishes a common language and understanding within organizations, and helps employees understand the operational changes your firm is making to comply with the rule. Learn more.

Fiduciary Education for Sales & Service Professionals

Help your client-facing employees understand how the fiduciary rule will impact the information and advice they provide prospects and clients. This self-paced, cost-effective program resides on the same platform many firms already use for industrywide AML and DEFA training. The program features core training plus role-specific courses for people who will or will not provide fiduciary advice. The courses are tailored to sales professionals, investment advisor representatives, contact center reps, wholesalers, and other roles. Learn more.

Trustworthy Selling

Engage today’s empowered consumers
Today’s empowered consumers are different: They want to work with people who truly understand their unique needs — and people they trust. That trust is not easily gained, even with referrals. It requires authentic, caring language and courageous conversations that motivate people to take action. Trustworthy Selling helps producers of all stripes master these special skills. Learn more.


Fellow, Secure Retirement Institute
Equip employees for problem solving and innovation by educating them on challenges facing society and the retirement industry. The comprehensive curriculum covers the entire retirement planning and income marketplace. It gives employees the knowledge and skills to:

  • Support retirement plans and products
  • Deliver effective service and solutions to clients and advisors
  • Address evolving challenges and opportunities
  • Learn more.