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Applicant screening and selection is a fundamental business process and its effectiveness can and should be measured in dollars. That’s why LIMRA’s screening and selection tests have been carefully developed and validated — proven to increase your profitability by slashing administrative waste and improving the quality of the people you hire and train to represent your company.

The following return-on-investment (ROI) calculators will give you an idea of the savings your company can achieve by implementing our selection solutions to increase administrative efficiency, improve agent performance, and reduce agent turnover.

We understand that spending money to save money is not a popular course of action, but the hundreds of companies that use our tests — some for more than 65 years — will tell you that it’s a decision they are glad they made.

Now is your chance to explore the bottom-line savings you can achieve by improving the effectiveness of your candidate selection process. Simply enter your hiring and training costs into the following calculators and discover the savings you can achieve — then begin building your own business case for using employment tests.

Calculate the ROI of:

These calculators draw on work by Charles A. Handler, Ph.D., and Steven T. Hunt, Ph.D., of Rocket-Hire.