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Assessment Tier 2

Hiring Top Performers

Imagine the improvement on your bottom line when you boost the average productivity of your entire team. The ROI estimate provided by this formula may seem unrealistically large, but it accurately reflects the long-term impact that assessment tools can have by increasing the average performance of your workforce by as little as 5%.

New hires:     
The number of people you will hire this year.
Tenure:   years
The average number of years reps remain in the job. Use decimal values (e.g., if the average tenure is 1 years and 6 months, enter this value as 1.5)
Value of high performance:   annually
The differences in annual revenue generated by high- vs. low-performing reps.
Increased hiring effectiveness:    
The improvement in the quality of hiring decisions that will result from the use of an employment test.
Assessment cost:    per candidate
The increased cost per candidate from the using an employment test.
Selection ratio:    :1 
The number of candidates you typically assess/review to get one hire.