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Assessment Tier 2

Reducing Staffing Costs

The most immediate benefit of using effective screening and employment tests is the reduced administrative time spent screening out unqualified candidates. This calculator estimates the ROI of reducing administrative costs.

Hires:    new hires 
The number of producers your company will hire this year.
Time spent with candidates:    hours   
The average number of hours spent evaluating candidates who are not hired. This includes time spent reviewing resumes, coordinating and conducting tests and interviews, and holding recruitment conversations.
Average cost of recruiting time:  $   per hour   
An estimate of the hourly cost of recruiters and hiring managers who spend time with unqualified candidates. An average cost for this factor might be $50 per hour.
Pass rate:     % 
The expected percentage of applicants who will pass the employment test.
Assessment Cost:    per candidate  
The increased cost per candidate from the use of screening or employment tests.
Selection ratio:   :1 
The number of candidates you typically assess/review to get one hire.