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Assessment Tier 2

Reducing Turnover

The costs of employee turnover add up quickly. You can reduce these costs by using employment tests designed specifically to assess applicants’ turnover risk.

Sales Reps:     
Your current number of employees/reps.
New hires:    
The number of employees/reps you will hire this year.
Annual turnover rate:      
The percentage of your employees/reps that currently leave each year.
Average time to fill:   weeks   
The average number of weeks required to fill a vacant position.
Value of performance:     annually   
The average annual value of an amployee/erp. This amount is typically 2 - 2.5 times annual pay.
Hiring Cost:     per hire  
The average costs associated with hiring an employee/rep, including time spent by recruiters and managers sourcing and screening candidates, the time and costs of training new hires, new-hire orientation, opportunity costs, etc. This amount is typically 75% - 150% of annual salary, depending on the complexity of the job.
Assessment Cost:    per candidate  
The increased cost per candidate from using an employment test.
Selection ratio:    :1 
The number of candidates you typically assess to make one hire.
Turnover Reduction:     
The decrease in turnover that will result from the use of an employment test.