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Assessment Tier 2

Virtual Worker™

Identify and develop people who can work remotely

Virtual workers, who work from their home or a remote office, are quickly growing in numbers and importance. But not everyone has the special skills and traits needed to succeed in a virtual work environment.

If your company has or will have offsite staff, the new Virtual Worker can help. It is the first assessment that can be used by any business area to

  • Identify current employees and job candidates who can succeed in a virtual work environment
  • Provide the coaching advice and self-development information you need to enhance their on-the-job performance

With Virtual Worker, you can help personnel quickly adapt to virtual work settings in any business area, including

  • Customer service and sales call centers
  • Operations
  • IT
  • Claims
  • Underwriting


Currently available in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Please contact us if it is not already available in your country.

Virtual Worker is a trademark of LL Global Services, Inc.