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CAP Mosaic™

Primary consumer research and analytics

Knowing what customers think of their purchase and their advisor is crucial to your company’s success. Continuously collecting this granular data can lead to big-picture insights crucial to product, marketing, distribution, risk, and compliance decisions.

Now you can easily collect and utilize buyer input with CAP Mosaic. This powerful tool helps you listen to consumers by combining a customized post-purchase survey with a revolutionary online data visualization system. Together, the survey and analysis system allows you to delve into your clients thoughts about why they made their purchase and monitor key sales process information — exposing trends, opportunities, and red flags. Executives across your organization can use it to

  • Understand customer buying behavior
  • Inform product, marketing, distribution, risk, and compliance decisions
  • Enhance product development, marketing, training, service, and selling
  • Protect your brand, increase customer satisfaction, and improve persistency by identifying misunderstandings early
  • Protect your advisors by documenting buyer understanding

LIMRA handles the entire data collection process to ensure that your company data, as well as industry benchmarks, are objective and unbiased. CAP Mosaic surveys are customizable and may be delivered by mail or email.

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