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Independent Producer Clearinghouse (IPC)

Perform background checks and promote ethical market conduct

In today's regulatory environment, background checks and initial compliance training are a fact of life. High costs and overhead don't have to be.

LIMRA's Independent Producer Clearinghouse (IPC) provides savings by sharing producer information among participating companies. The IPC performs background checks on producers, and provides and documents initial compliance training. The background check and training results — and costs — for each producer are then shared across their participating carriers.

Equally important, producers are freed from duplicative training requirements, leaving them more time to sell.

The Independent Producer Clearinghouse

  • Provides substantial savings by sharing producer information among participants 
  • Increases producer productivity — producers satisfy training and paperwork requirements only once, leaving them more time to sell your product 
  • Handles all logistics for your convenience 
  • Meets regulatory requirements 
  • Saves time — background checks are quickly completed, and information on producers already in the IPC database is typically forwarded to companies within one business day

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