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Suitability is an important subject today driving change in business processing, advisor training, and supervisory review across many firms. The NAIC Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation is gaining wide adoption across States and FINRA has also expanded their expectations of suitability through rule 2111.

LIMRA provides support, products and services to both distribution and manufacturers through Study Groups, Training & Tracking Systems and Monitoring Systems that ensure that your compliance efforts are working.

Our Suitability Offerings include:

Annuity Suitability Study Group

This group meets semi-annually to identify industry practices & processes, for purposes of developing and sharing best practices and identifying resource gaps, as well as potential shared solutions and ongoing support for compliance. The members of this group are individuals responsible for annuity suitability practices.

Market Conduct Study Group

This semi–annual meeting, sponsored by LIMRA and hosted by member companies, provides an excellent opportunity to benchmark against practices of other companies as well as touch base with colleagues. Participants suggest discussion topics in advance. 


    Annuity Suitability Supervision
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