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LIMRA's AnnuityXT is today's ready solution for meeting your annuity training needs. It gives you the power and control to choose the CE training program you want to use, and the on-demand reporting system allows you and your distributors to monitor and report training status in real time.

AnnuityXT is a second-generation system powered by Pinpoint. It builds on the experience we have gained providing anti-money laundering training to over 650,000 producers.

  • Implement any approved CE training — yours, National Underwriter's, or other vendor's 
  • Use any form of product-specific training, including online courses, Webinars, face-to-face, and classroom training 
  • Apply your product training requirements, such as comprehension testing or timed page display 
  • Pay only for producers who receive training. Standardization and economies of scale further reduce costs

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