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Business Process Redesign

Companies possess an abundance of customer data from a number of different sources, but extracting useful information or even sales opportunities has become a serious challenge. LIMRA's CRM consulting can assist companies in developing of a standard system and set of processes, by which it can transform client data into useful information.

LIMRA consultants have significant experience helping organizations design, develop, and implement systems that improve the management of essential customer relationships and capitalize on best practices. They combine the knowledge from these various perspectives to help organizations identify necessary strategic and operational changes, such as implementing new distribution strategies, training programs, and compensation systems, as well as the underlying technological systems. To these tasks, LIMRA brings:

  • Extensive knowledge in assessing, planning, building, implementing, and running world-class customer relationship management systems
  • Worldwide experience and expertise in the design and delivery of comprehensive, high-value customer relationship management (CRM) "business systems"
  • Unparalleled breadth of CRM experience across a full spectrum of CRM technologies and their business application, including sales effectiveness and best practices