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The LIMRA Leadership Institute Fellow (LLIF) designation is an internationally recognized credential of executive development. Earning the LIMRA Leadership Institute Fellow (LLIF) designation demonstrates a commitment to professional development and the desire to be an impactful leader. The 20-credit coursework involves attending interactive classroom-based programs, participating in self-assessment activities, and engaging in business simulations and real-world case studies.

The Capstone at Wharton

Toward the completion of the LLIF designation, participants are eligible to participate in the invitation only Capstone Program. Designed by LIMRA and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, this is a prestigious honor to complete the LLIF designation under the guidance and expertise of world class faculty at this prominent business school. The Capstone Program weaves the coursework together and frames the teachings in a real-world context through experiential and practical application.

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      ”For any corporate leader aspiring to advance their career in the life insurance industry, the LIMRA LLIF program is the most effective and relevant curriculum I’ve experienced. Each session is guided by some of the foremost thought leaders in the key functional areas essential to running a life insurance organization. Instructors and facilitators are experts in their respective fields of knowledge and guide you through an engaging process to learn and grow. Whether diving into the financials of a company, or developing innovative and creative marketing approaches, or learning how to ethically lead high-performing teams, you will be engaged and challenged all along the way. More importantly, you attend sessions with peers and leaders throughout the life insurance industry who may become additional resources and mentors to you for the remainder of your career.

      I feel better prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow and help in guiding my company through strategy discussions as a result of my experiences in the LIMRA LLIF program.“

      Ryan C. Beasley, Senior Vice President, Shared Distribution
      Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.

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