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Achieving Leadership Presence

Behave like a leader to positively influence others

April 25, 2018
Hilton Charlotte University Place, Charlotte, NC USA

Who Attends

New managers identified as “high-potential” or emergent leaders who are faced with new responsibilities or progressing toward increasing levels of responsibility or visibility.


Geared toward new managers, Achieving Leadership Presence focuses on the importance of poise and self-assurance as leadership qualities. This program explores how to manage body language and nonverbal communication. Become the leader you want to be by learning to shape perceptions and take on the qualities of those you emulate. Through case studies and group activities, attendees will learn about nonverbal cues, self-management, and effective mentoring.

Program Impact 

  • Learn the importance of leadership presence and how to connect with your inner leader.
  • Strengthen skills in positive self-talk, open listening, self-promotion, and stress relief. 
  • Practice handling difficult organizational situations and “thinking on your feet.” 
  • Learn how to give and receive constructive feedback.


Executive Development Department
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