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Creating a Culture of Achievement

Develop a high-performing team that has initiative and accountability

November 7, 2018
LIMRA Headquarters, Windsor, CT USA

Who Attends

Leaders seeking to establish a culture of achievement or to re-energize an existing team by eliminating existing obstacles that inhibit success.


Highly successful results-oriented teams are innovative, collaborative, and productive. This unique program will bridge the gap between what is “real” and “ideal” for a culture of high achievement.  Participants will explore best practices that optimize initiative, accountability, and employee engagement. This interactive program teaches successful strategies to turn employees into internal champions and stakeholders for sustainable cultural change. 

Program Impact

  • Identify major performance inhibitors to employee engagement, initiative, and accountability. 
  • Focus on intuition, insight, and effective communication tools to become a “success coach” for your team. 
  • Learn strategies to engage, enlist, and foster internal champions and turn them into solid stakeholders. 
  • Explore best practices that will create a self-sustaining culture of achievement for your organization. 


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