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Program ROI

Training is only as good as the results you get. Because LIMRA is a research organization, we’re well equipped to track the progress of participants and show you real ROI. We call our process BIRT (Business-Impact Results Tracking). All you have to do is give us the data for the metrics important to you: we do the rest.

How it Works
BIRT compares program participants with a control group of non participants at your company. It’s best if the two groups are from the same agencies or organizations. That way we know they are working in a similar environment — experiencing similar sales opportunities, market conditions, management styles, sales support, and office morale. We collect the production measures for the months prior to training, the month of training, and the months after training. Then we calculate and compare. The difference is the impact that LIMRA training had on production.

The BIRT training validation process is unmatched in the training industry. It has been cited by the Association for Talent Development for its value in effectively assessing all of the costs and benefits associated with a training event.

BIRT Findings for a Client
 Average New Premium per Month per Rep
of Reps
Average New
(6 Months)
Premium per
(6 Months)
% Change
Reps who attended training25$9,858$11,388+16%
Reps who did not attend training117$11,225$10,470-7%
Return on Investment = 249%