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Cultivating Personal Sources™

An RS21 Program

 Product Sheet

Leverage Personal Connections to Attract High-Quality Recruits 

Internet job boards and company career sites are flooded with job seekers, but most lack the talent you’re looking for. The good news is that the best candidates come from people your sales leaders and sales representatives already know. Cultivating Personal Sources shows your recruiters and managers the best ways to make the most of new and existing relationships — and create a steady stream of high-quality recruits who will thrive in the career and increase your company’s bottom line.

Your Managers and Recruiters Will Learn How to

  • Use their current contacts from all parts of their lives to find top-quality candidates
  • Establish a “culture of referrals” in their office
  • Expand their personal connections in-person and online
  • Stimulate candidate interest in the career of a financial professional

Why It Works

  • Anchored in LIMRA’s latest research on the next generation of sales talent
  • Real-life case studies illustrate the best ways to quickly put take-aways to use
  • New skills are mastered through practice, role play, and application projects

Availability: Currently available in U.S. English.

Cultivating Personal Sources™  is a trademark of LL Global Services, Inc.