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Making the Connection™

An RS21 Program

 Product Sheet

Immediately Engage Candidates and Nominators 

The questions that managers and recruiters ask themselves are simple: Who am I looking for? Where do I find them? What do I say? The good news is that the answers are equally clear-cut. Making the Connection conveys methods proven to help managers and recruiters expand their nominator network and have more candidates say yes to exploring the opportunity in financial services sales.

Your Managers and Recruiters Will Learn How to 

  • Pinpoint the qualities of an ideal candidate
  • Expand their personal connections in-person and online
  • Personalize language proven to engage nominators and stimulate candidate interest
  • Increase their network of nominators and the quality of candidates in their pipeline 

Why It Works 

  • Anchored in LIMRA research on the career motivators and workplace preferences of today’s candidates
  • Incorporates techniques and sample language proven to engage potential candidates and nominators
  • New skills are mastered through practice and application projects
  • Content is easily incorporated into day-to-day activities 

Availability: Currently available in U.S. English.

Making the Connection™  is a trademark of LL Global Services, Inc.