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Recruiting Goes Social™

An RS21 Program

 Product Sheet

Find and attract today’s top sales talent 

Personal recruiting is alive and well… but different. That’s because connections must increasingly be made online through social networking. Finding and attracting today’s top talent requires a new set of skills. Now managers and recruiters must understand how they can use social media to present themselves and the career, cultivate nominators and networking groups, and more readily engage potential candidates.

Your Managers and Recruiters Will 

  • Fully understand social networking and its role in recruiting
  • Transform the Internet into a “warm” sourcing tool
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn as their primary social networking tool by presenting themselves and the career opportunity in a compelling manner
  • Flesh out their own social media recruiting strategy   

Why It Works 

  • Anchored in LIMRA research on today’s top sales talent, recruiting, and social media
  • New skills are mastered through practice and application projects
  • Content is easily incorporated into day-to-day activities 

Availability: Currently available in U.S. English.

Recruiting Goes Social™  is a trademark of LL Global Services, Inc.