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Market-Ready Selling for Financial Professionals

Learn secrets for selling to key market segments

Do you want the “secret sauce” for selling to today’s consumers? Then you should try Market-Ready SellingTM. You’ll receive loads of LIMRA insights into how key markets really buy insurance and what they really value in their relationship. Plus you’ll learn language and techniques you can put into action right away to make better connections.

View the videos on this page to see how Market Ready Selling is different from any sales readiness program you’ve seen before. It's short, insightful, and actionable!

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Each course is just $50 and includes three months of access to all tools and resources, including:

  • 7 research videos (2-3 minutes each)
  • 3-4 “Applying the Insights” videos for each research video (1 minute each)
  • Infographics, worksheets, mini assessments, articles, podcasts, and more
  • “Contribute to the Community” sharing of user-generated content and actions

This program is your opportunity to grow sales in

  • The Women’s Market
  • The Gen Y Market
  • The Mass Affluent Market
  • The Hispanic American Market

Market-Ready SellingTM is a trademark of LL Global Service, Inc.

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Market-Ready Selling - Sneak Peek

Market-Ready Selling - Infomercial

Market-Ready Selling - Winter Message

Market-Ready Selling - Holiday Message

Feet on the Street Insights

Feet on the Street Insights

The Secret Sauce

The Secret Sauce

Your Competition

Market Ready Selling - Your Competition