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Trustworthy Selling™

Engage today’s empowered consumers

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Today’s empowered consumers are different. They want to work with people who truly understand their unique needs. And they want to work with people they trust. That trust is not easily gained, even with referrals. It requires authentic, caring language and courageous conversations that motivate people to take action. Trustworthy Selling helps financial representatives of all stripes master these special skills and help more people secure their futures.

Choose from programs for new, experienced, and multi-line financial representatives.

Your Sales Professionals Will 

  • Understand behavioral finance — how today’s consumers really make financial choices
  • Quickly build trust and develop stronger relationships with more consumers
  • Conduct courageous conversations with confidence
  • Grow premiums, policy counts, and clients by 20%, 30%, or more!

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Availability: Currently available in U.S. English.

Trustworthy Selling™ is a trademark of LL Global Services, Inc., and Hoopis Performance Network.

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