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Virtual Worker Survival Skills

Members of your team who work from remote locations need vital skills to succeed in a non-traditional work environment. This program equips your offsite staff with the skills they need to remain productive, focused, and connected so they can help your organization achieve its business objectives.

Participants will learn how to

  • Manage their workday and workflow
  • Deal with interruptions, limit distractions, and maintain focus
  • Sharpen formal and informal communication skills
  • Use technology efficiently and effectively

Choose the right delivery method for your company

Self-paced e-learning:Take advantage of contemporary online training technologies! The interactive, self-paced program includes self-assessments, video role plays, and exercises. Bonus: Managers of program participants receive a coaching manual to reinforce the training and build accountability for staff to implement the skills they learned.

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Currently available in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Please contact us if it is not already available in your country.

Virtual Worker Survival Skills is a trademark of LL Global, Inc.

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