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Watering Can Press

Build Dramatic Loyalty among Customers, Families, Community

Watering Can Press creates custom-designed children’s books for companies to enhance their brand awareness, generate PR, and drive sales by connecting with clients, partners, and communities in long-lasting and heart-felt ways.

There’s no better way to appeal to adult consumers than to show that you care about their children.Watering Can’s books, in which a company’s products, services, and brand-messaging can be incorporated, address topics like * Supporting a Family through Grieving * Giving/volunteering * Being "Green" * Getting Fit and Staying Healthy * Accepting Peers with Autism and other Special Needs * and more.

Added values: Strategic implementation support; Opportunity to create books on topics specified by companies; Speaking/reading events by the author, along with corporate sponsor for clients, community or sales force.


Ellen Sabin, President
Telephone: 917-348-4848

On the Web at

    The Advantages
    • Builds brand awareness more effectively than traditional advertising
    • Cost-effective customer retention
    • Attracts new clients in desirable market segments
    • Boosts sales to women
    • Creates PR opportunities and positive community image
    • Extends shelf-life of marketing efforts
    • Enhances partnerships and CSR work