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Strategy Review and Consulting

Would your organization benefit from a review of strategic objectives or a product opportunity with a knowledgeable and independent third party? The review can include stakeholder interviews, an assessment of industry best practices as they apply to your organization, and an all-day, LIMRA-facilitated discussion that will prioritize opportunities, risks, and strategic alternatives in your market. You will receive a written report with findings and recommendations. We have worked with many organizations to identify opportunities, explore alternatives, or validate assumptions as part of a product launch, marketing campaign, or implementation of a business plan.

We would be happy to discuss your objectives on a confidential basis, and to recommend a process for accomplishing your specific objective. LIMRA has expertise in the following areas:

  • Market Strategy
  • Product Development
  • Distribution
  • Recruiting
  • Compensation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • E-Business  


LIMRA provides you with the research and business solutions to grow your share of the retirement market. We offer integrated support that can help you achieve your business objectives through consulting on strategic issues, product development, marketing programs and channels for distribution. We can also provide customized business intelligence regarding the changing consumer and regulatory environments. We offer training and development programs, compliance resources, and networking opportunities to connect you with the right people and information. You can rely on us to provide retirement market solutions you can trust, backed up by credible research and industry data.

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