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Today more than ever, companies that cultivate a culture of development and value leadership education will thrive. They understand that it helps them invest in and retain current and emerging leaders by supporting existing company initiatives, as well as the long-term vision. In our industry specifically — in this time of incredible change, transformation, and disruption — the best leaders know they cannot rely on how they have done things in the past. They need fresh perspectives, approaches, and strategies, informed by a wider view. At the LIMRA Leadership Institute™, we have carefully designed our curriculum to help the industry achieve this and more. In our programs, participants have access to specialized insurance and financial services knowledge, context, experience, and application discussion. They then apply all they’ve learned to their current role and company reality, shape their future career path — and build genuine, lifelong relationships that extend well beyond the classroom.  

New 2019 Curriculum

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The LIMRA Leadership InstituteTM invites you to become a part of something special. For 30 years, our curriculum has helped financial services leaders hone critical competencies, achieve heightened levels of success, and develop invaluable relationships with their peers. Today, talent development remains a top priority for companies worldwide, though they clearly operate in a rapidly evolving context. To align with that reality, we have designed these 2019 programs with a fresh view on relevant, actionable topics that can drive you and our industry forward.


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