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The Committee consists of a broad representation of Canadian insurance companies actively engaged in writing new business in group benefits. Representation shall recognize companies by size, geographical location, and varied lines of business with opportunity provided wherever possible for inclusion of the major writers in the group benefits market.The Committee will act as the advisory committee for LIMRA’s Canadian group benefits members.

Target Membership: Group Benefits Committee members who hold chief marketing, market research, operations, product, sales/distribution, or strategy officer positions in the group insurance and healthcare divisions of an organization which maintains current membership status with LIMRA. The Committee consists of a broad representation of Canadian companies engaged in all segments of the group insurance and healthcare industry.

Typical Topics Discussed: Primary mission of the Group Benefits Committee: Provide for an annual Canadian Group Benefits Leadership Conference; Drive LIMRA’s research focus as it pertains to the group benefits market to ensure the members in these markets receive full potential benefit from the research; Keep fully informed of LIMRA’s pertinent research and activities and assist in dissemination of knowledge of those research and activities within member’s organization as well as the group insurance industry; Provide a forum to promote cooperation, coordination, exchange of ideas and to address range of issues including distribution, product development, marketing, regulatory environment, industry innovation, and the need to promote group benefits

Please contact your Member Relations Director for more information.