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Senior Compliance executives from LIMRA member companies meet twice yearly at the LIMRA Compliance Study Group for relevant, confidential discussion and networking on compliance and regulatory issues and topics facing compliance teams. The agenda is attendee-driven, featuring peer-to-peer conversation along with expert perspectives from LIMRA researchers and other staff. LIMRA's Senior Regulatory Advisor, Larry Niland, moderates the group discussion and provides insight.

Target Membership: Individuals from LIMRA member companies who are In leadership roles in regulatory compliance in their companies.

Typical Topics Discussed: Regulations, Exams, Suitability, Advertising Review, Cybersecurity, Privacy, Surveillance, Fiduciary, Best Interest, Fraud, TPSP Monitoring and Oversight, SEC, NAIC, FINRA, and other Regulatory Bodies.

Please contact your Member Relations Director for more information.