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MarketFacts: Your Resource for Industry Insights

Issue number 2-2021 of our flagship magazine — MarketFacts: Your Resource for Industry Insights — focuses on insurance trends, with a feature on professional development. It offers executive perspectives on the future of the industry, as well as current trends in workplace benefits, retirement, and the Help Protect Our Families campaign.

DOL Fiduciary Rule: Practical Implications for Insurance Carriers

4/7/2021 2:00 PM EDT - 3:00 PM EDT

This webinar discusses practical implications carriers and service providers should be thinking about as they look to comply with its requirements through the transition period (up to December 20, 2021).

2021 Compliance & Financial Crimes Conference

3/26/2021 - 4/26/2021

We have expanded the scope and name of our conference to encompass the real-world threats and compliance issues we are facing today. The Regulatory Compliance Exchange has evolved, expanded, and been renamed the Compliance and Financial Crimes Conference.


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