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Top 10 Webinars

The Future of Life Insurance: Reimagining the Industry for the Decade Ahead


As we look ahead to the future of life insurance and annuities, what are the trends that will continue to shape the industry? What changes have we seen over the last year that will persist post-COVID-19? How will the accelerating pace of automation change the nature of jobs across the insurance industry? How will all of this affect the insurance industry’s ability to serve the growing need of the underinsured and uninsured in the U.S.?

Help Protect Our Families: The Pandemic’s Effect on the Likelihood to Buy Life Insurance


​Please join LIMRA and Life Happens to learn more about the recently released findings from the 11th annual Insurance Barometer Study. This study tracks the attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors of adult consumers with a focus on life insurance.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Life Insurance Customer Experience


In this webinar, LIMRA and BCG will highlight findings from research examining the experiences across the customer journey for individuals who purchased and managed life policies after the onset of the pandemic.

DOL Fiduciary Rule Under the Biden Administration


The DOL anticipates taking further action on investment advice, which may mean changing the existing regulation or issuing a new regulation that expands the scope of who a fiduciary is under ERISA.

DOL Fiduciary Rule: Practical Implications for Insurance Carriers


This webinar discusses practical implications carriers and service providers should be thinking about as they look to comply with its requirements through the transition period (up to December 20, 2021).

Changes to Internal Revenue Code 7702


In this webinar you’ll learn more about the reason for the change, a high level overview of the effect on universal life and whole life as well as other short- and long-term implications for life insurer carriers.

The Evolution of Life Insurance: Planning for the Future


This webinar will discuss how markets, products, and distribution are evolving to meet new challenges. What does the future of life insurance look like, and how will that impact the next generation of products and services? How are the best companies positioning themselves for success?

Pandemics and Predictions: Annuity Industry


The global economy and pandemic are transforming the annuity industry. Both have accelerated existing trends and created new opportunities. Yesterday's best practices are quickly becoming today's table stakes.

The Evolution of the Retirement Plan Industry: Planning for the Future


This webinar will discuss how markets, products, and distribution are evolving to meet new challenges. What does the future of retirement plans look like, and how will that impact the next generation of products and services? How are the best companies positioning themselves for success?

The Evolution of Workplace Benefits: Planning for the Future


We will explore what customer-centricity means, how new ways of analyzing data can be used to anticipate customer expectations, and why a truly customer-focused digital solution will be the way of the future.

Top 10 Blog Posts

Interest in Life Combination Products Shifts

As the pandemic spread, images of nursing homes and assisted care facilities flooded the media. The sick and elderly were particularly vulnerable to this deadly virus and so many families were cut off from their parents and grandparents in the hopes of protecting them from exposure to COVID-19.

How COVID-19 Has Affected the Retirement Business

Even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic uncertainty, Americans were struggling with retirement readiness. In fact, Secure Retirement Institute (SRI) research reveals 40% of working Baby Boomers have less than $100,000 saved for retirement — 25% have less than $25,000.

LIMRA Updates Its Life Insurance Sales Forecast for 2021

This week, LIMRA updated its sales forecast for U.S. retail life insurance sales for 2021. Since October 2020, when the original forecast was published, three COVID-19 vaccines were given emergency approval and distributed, two federal relief packages were passed and a last-minute change to life insurance tax law was implemented. These factors, coupled with stronger economic conditions and unprecedented consumer interest in life insurance, have led LIMRA to improve its 2021 sales forecast.

You Know You Need it. Let’s Talk About Life Insurance

The pandemic has highlighted something most people don’t want to think about — what would happen to their loved ones should they unexpectedly die. According to new findings from the 2021 Insurance Barometer Study, conducted annually by LIMRA and Life Happens, 42% of American households would face financial hardship within six months should a wage earner die unexpectedly; 25% would suffer financially within a month.

Awareness of Simplified Underwriting Increases Likelihood to Buy Life Insurance

While already underway prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many life insurance policies are now underwritten through “simplified” or “streamlined” processes, which are less reliant on physical data (e.g., blood, urine, examination) and more reliant on readily available datasets (e.g., medical, financial, personal).

Disability Insurance Awareness Month: An Opportunity to Learn About Important Insurance Coverage

When most people think about their biggest asset, many think of their home or 401(k) account, but it’s really their lifetime earning potential, which could be in jeopardy if they were to become injured or disabled.

How Technology Empowered Life Insurers to Respond to COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the world in so many ways. The way we work and interact with each other has changed dramatically. It also changed the life insurance industry. Because of social distancing, companies had to adjust their day-to-day operations to continue to serve their current and potential customers.

Advisors’ Views on Making the Annuity Sales Process Simpler

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in rapid and unprecedented changes in the annuity industry. Business practices quickly changed as the industry went remote, and it is likely the changes adopted in 2020 will continue as the new normal for the industry.

Closing the Coverage Gap – It Takes All of Us

The changing from one year to the next always marks a new beginning. Moving into 2021 holds significant meaning as we hope to begin to move forward from the unimaginable difficulty the pandemic created in 2020 and look forward to brighter times ahead.

Financial Crimes Services and Fraud Prevention Study

LIMRA’s Financial Crimes Services (FCS) and Fraud Prevention study provides the life insurance and retirement services industry with a collective look at the most current data, metrics, and information related to their financial crimes services and fraud prevention programs.

Top 10 Videos

Jason Dorsey


Generational Researcher, Best-Selling Author of Zconomy, and President of The Center for Generational Kinetics.

Shaping a More Purposeful Future


This flagship event is one of the largest gatherings of senior executives representing all sectors of financial services. Our members and partners come together for strategic industry insights and high-level networking — a must-attend for executives who are Shaping a More Purposeful Future.

Help Protect Our Families


David Levenson Talks About the Help Protect Our Families Campaign. #HelpProtectOurFamilies

2021 Life Insurance Awareness Month

In this episode of LIMRA Unplugged, we reached out to financial professionals at our member companies about why their clients should own life insurance and some of the ways they help customers understand its value.

Industry CEOs Speak Out About Help Protect Our Families Campaign


Why is it important that the industry help the 60 million underinsured and uninsured U.S. households get the life insurance coverage they need? #HelpProtectOurFamilies

See in a New Light reimagined and redesigned.

Industry CEOs Talk About the Pandemic’s Impact On Consumers


How has COVID-19 changed consumers' perception of life insurance and financial wellness in general? #HelpProtectOurFamilies

Together We Have a Greater Impact


Together we can help protect out families. #HelpProtectOurFamilies

Building Momentum


The pandemic has heightened anxieties around physical and financial securities. #HelpProtectOurFamilies

CEOs Share How Life Insurance Supports Overall Financial Security


Can you talk about the need for life insurance and the role it plays in people's overall financial securities? #HelpProtectOurFamilies

Top 10 Research Downloads

2021 Insurance Barometer Study

The 2021 study period marks the 11th edition of the annual Insurance Barometer. Surveying American consumers during this difficult time provides critical insights for the industry on the impact that COVID-19 is having on financial attitudes and behaviors. (Technical Supplement added November, 2021.)

A Future View of U.S. Annuity Sales — Entering a New Normal

Entering 2021, the individual annuity market continued to face significant uncertainty. Even as vaccines have rolled out throughout the U.S., many questions remain regarding what the new normal will be for the individual annuity market.

The Implications of Low-for-Long Interest Rates on Life Insurance and Annuity Business

This report presents results from the second phase of research work exploring the impacts of the low interest rate environment on the insurance industry from the customer and distributor perspective.

U.S. Individual Life Insurance Forecast

LIMRA’s forecast of individual life insurance sales in the United States by product line over the next three years.

COVID-19 One Year Later: The Impact on Individual Life Insurance

This report provides an update on lessons learned, underwriting changes, electronic applications and delivery, and lapse experience related to the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. and Canada.

Harnessing Growth and Seizing Opportunity: The Future of Workforce Benefits

LIMRA and EY partnered to explore how key stakeholders (employers, employees, benefit brokers, and benefit technology providers) are responding to the transformational changes impacting the workplace benefits marketplace.

Consumers and Underwriting — The Influence of Underwriting Knowledge on Life Insurance Purchase Intent

The Consumers and Underwriting study surveyed consumers to measure their extent of life insurance underwriting knowledge, and the influence of underwriting knowledge on likelihood to buy coverage.

What’s on the Minds of Global Life Insurance Executives

Providing insights into the highest priorities of life insurance leaders as they tackle today’s challenges and embrace emerging opportunities.

Sign of Normalcy in the Workplace Life and Disability Markets: LIMRA Forecasts for 2021–2023

Learn when LIMRA predicts the workplace life and disability benefits markets will recover and return to normalcy.

The Retail Retirement Reference Guide, Fifth Edition

The Retail Retirement Reference Guide (Fifth Edition) provides a wealth of facts and insights at your fingertips.

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