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Investigate Shared Challenges With Other Organizations

Companies team with and through LIMRA to cost-effectively research hot issues. We can help you tackle the following and more:

  • Opportunities in emerging markets
  • The market potential for new products
  • The buying process
  • Positioning with producers
Participate in Consortia Studies

Consortium Research. Consortia studies are your opportunity to investigate a common area of research with other organizations. The sponsors play an active role in determining the research methodology, questionnaire design, and, when appropriate, focus group locations.

Together, we help companies:

  • Explore opportunities in emerging markets
  • Determine the market potential for new products
  • Understand the buying process
  • Position themselves with producers
  • Track and improve service performance
  • And more

2020 Consortia Studies

Engaging Life Insurance Buyers

This project will document the expectations and emotions that surround the experience of shopping for and purchasing life insurance (individual, not group coverage).  The conversation will be structured around the dimensions of the Cx model and explore differences in the experiences of shoppers and buyers in three life stages:
Starting Out (23-34 years old)
  • Limited knowledge, experience, and budgets
  • Grown up accustomed to tech-based learning and commerce
Wealth Builder (35-54 years old)
  • More established families and/or careers
  • Better defined goals
  • May still have limited knowledge but likely to have more experience with financial products
Later in Life (55-70 years old)
  • Less typical buyers of life insurance
  • May be looking for solutions to different needs
  • May have more comfort with traditional sales models

Additional studies will be added throughout the year. 

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